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New PMA Products
Some of the many new products launched at PMA 2008 in Las Vegas...

Tools Aviation
Tools Aviation unveiled the Personal Battery Caddy, a convenient battery caddy that keeps batteries close at hand for any situation. Designed to be easily operated with one hand, the Slim Line Personal Battery Caddy can hold six AAA, four AA, four 9V, four C, four D, and four CR123 batteries. Each battery is securely contained in its own locking sleeve to prevent lost batteries. To remove a battery, the user simply pushes the battery up from the bottom, which breaches the locking feature and allows the battery to be pushed out of the top of the holder, while keeping the other batteries securely in place—whether they're alkaline, lithium, or rechargeable.
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BallStars now offers its customers a way to offer unique, personalized mementos, promotional items, and awards that will be the hit of any competitive golf event or promotion. Using the BallStars heat-transfer photo-ball system, you can decorate golf balls with photos, graphics, logos, and copy to create individual or team awards for any number of players. Expand your market reach to include golf tournaments, golf clubs, golf pro shops, and school golf teams with this 3-inch golf ball. The ball is not intended for use in play but for display only. BallStars suggests retail pricing of $19.95 for each decorated golf ball. They come packaged 84 to a case.
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Fujifilm U.S.A., Inc. announced the new IP-10 Digital ID Photo System. This easy-to-use, portable, turnkey system incorporates the FinePix F480 camera and the new FinePix IP-10 dye-sublimation digital photo printer with Image Intelligence technology for great quality photos. The FinePix IP-10 digital ID photo printer has a built-in LCD for easy-to-use print previews and menus. The system also features an LCD template on the camera, designed to assist the operator in sizing the subject. The two-step process simply requires the operator to take the photo, then press a button—and the photo is ready in just over a minute.
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HITI Digital
HiTi Digital, Inc. introduced the P710L roll-type dye-sub photo printer, that provides high speed printing performance, and benefits from HiTi's Classic Color technology for great looking prints. The printer can output 4x6, 5x7, 6x8 and 6x9 prints; and connects to computers via USB 2.0.
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Porter Case
Porter Case has developed a new affordable case called the PCX Lite that your travel-photographer customers will want to know about. A great value for a rolling carry-on case, the PCX Lite cases weighs 10 to 13 pounds, depending on the interior, yet will carry more than 100 pounds of other baggage on top in its CART position. The case is airline-carry-on size, which will allow your customers to roll their delicate, expensive gear onboard and check the rest. Before or after a trip, the patented CART feature is there when they need it.
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Minox unveiled the DC 6033 WP, the company's newest digital camera designed with a sturdy, rubber-armored, watertight body. The DC 6033 WP features a 6MP CCD sensor, and Minoctar lens with 42mm fixed focal length and 4x digital zoom. A 2-inch LCD allows users to play back images. The camera uses SD media, features 16MB of internal memory, and is powered by AA batteries.
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Mitsubishi Imaging (MPM), Inc. introduced Pro Hi-Gloss White Film, the first in the company's new Pictorico PRO series of products. Pro Hi-Gloss features quick-drying clarity and water resistance, as well as brilliant reception and rendering of the full spectrum of colors. Hi-Gloss Film also has a high brightness level and thicker base material for better handling.
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SmartDisk introduced a whole new line of SmartDisk 2.5" portable hard drives (HDs). With the new HDs, users can immediately add 120-, 160-, 250-, or 320GB of removable capacity without having to access the computers's insides to add an internal drive. The palm-sized external drives will be available for both Windows and Mac users.
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LaCie announced its new 24" LaCie 324 LCD monitor. Equipped with an S-PVA panel, the LaCie 324 embeds a 10-bit gamma correction mechanism that minimizes banding and ensures smoothly rendered color gradients. With its 16:10 widescreen format, this monitor can showcase two letter-size (A4) pages side by side with additional room for palettes and toolbars.
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On Demand Machinery has published a how-to guide on hardcover bookbinding. This pamphlet is designed to guide photo labs, on-demand book publishing companies, and manufacturing personnel engaged in digital printing. ODM takes readers on an informative tour, explaining industry definitions and terminology with graphic illustrations and photographs, showing users how easy it is to produce single-copy hardcover books in large quantities.
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Smartparts announced the world's largest digital picture frame, the 32-inch SP3200. The new flagship model of the company's OptiPix family of digital picture frames, the SP3200 displays photos in high definition, with a resolution of 1366x768. The frame can also playback video with sound, including MPEG, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, WMA, and AVI files at their native resolutions.
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Seal brand is adding new roll sizes to its range of Print Shield Floor Guard films. The new rolls are 55"x200' and 61"x200' to accommodate today's wider applications. Print Shield Floor Guard is recommended for floor graphics, pop-up trade-show exhibits, and other high-traffic applications requiring an extra-durable, pressure-sensitive overlaminate.
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ZBE Inc. released Chromira 5x ProLab software, a sorting software that collates all parts/print sizes of an order together regardless of where it's nested. The software also offers direct integration with Kodak's DP2 digital print production software, preserving orders and back-printing information exactly as it is received from DP2.
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