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My New Hat

My New Hat

You know the feeling you get when you move from one place to another? That mixed emotion kind of thing where you feel sad to be leaving familiar surroundings but you're real excited about the new digs too.

I'm right there...right in that exact spot as I fill this space this month. What am I talking about? Well, ya see, I have been named Associate Publisher of this fine publication. After 8 years in the editor's seat I will be taking over the Associate Publisher's chair. Pretty heady stuff, right? Hey, my mom was excited.

As much as I am going to miss being editor of this magazine, I think this new role suits me in the sense that I will be bringing a new perspective to the position - one that understands the importance of quality editorial and what that means to the entire equation.

As I said, I'll miss my old stomping grounds but I have some major plans for this brave new world I'm inhabiting. I can almost hear some of you whispering, "There goes the neighborhood." Don't worry, no loud music after 10 p.m. and I'll keep my yard nice.

Winds of Change
I have quite a few changes planned in the coming months - changes that involve our readership, both on the manufacturer and dealer ends. During my time as editor on the publication there have been lots of issues that we felt worked well as we put them to bed. I have discovered that doesn't always hold true once this book leaves the house. As a result, we listened more this year...listened to you guys with regard to how you'd like PTN to work better for you. As a result, we have some big plans for the magazine in 2002 with a new look and new editorial approach that combines the needs and wishes of both industry manufacturers and dealers. The end result is a product we know you'll look forward to seeing each month as well as get excited to be a part of.

New Sheriff in Town
We will also have news as to who will be taking over as the editor of this ship as we sail into 2002. We'll let the new editor speak to you directly in our January 2002 issue.

I am looking forward to working with you as we move ahead into the new year with a fresh outlook within our industry and with a renewed sense of hope and purpose outside those walls.

Here's to an exciting and prosperous new year!


Michael McEnaney