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Move Over 'Simpsons' And Make Way for 'The Greens'

Fujifilm Ad Campaign Features Fictional Family Using Variety of Imaging Products

by Dan Havlik

In an attempt to raise awareness that Fujifilm is more than just a "film" company, Fuji has launched a new multi-media ad campaign to introduce "The Greens" to the American public. A fictional family that uses everything from Fuji's one-time-use cameras to its digital print kiosks, the "snap happy Greens" have been appearing in a series of three new live-action television commercials currently airing on cable and network TV.

Consumers will "Meet the Greens" in print as well, where they have been turning up in the pages of such magazines as Wired, People and photo enthusiast publications like Popular Photography.

"The average consumer recognizes Fujifilm for its films but there's a lower recognition among consumers of Fujifilm's digital cameras and its digital printing services," Joan Rutherford, Fujifilm's VP of Advertising/Marketing Communications, told PTN. "People are still not aware that you can take your digital media and get a print from it as easily and as cost effectively as traditional film."

With its new ad campaign, Fujifilm is spending millions to try and change that perception. While Rutherford declined to say exactly how much the new ads are costing Fujifilm, she called a published report, which set the price tag at $13 million, "slightly low." Another estimate in Ad Week put the figure closer to $20 million.

The campaign also includes outdoor advertising featuring a Greens mailbox stuffed with Fuji products and the line "What Cool Families Use." The Green family will also be appearing in nearly 100 million newspaper inserts across the country along with coupons for Fujifilm Superia Extra and Nexia films, QuickSnap one-time-use cameras, 35mm and APS cameras, blank videotapes and DVDs, and digital camera developing services. And finally, Fuji will be using the Internet to promote an online sweepstakes to win Greens mailboxes filled with film and traditional and digital cameras.

The center of all this is The Greens, whose name is, of course, a play on the color most closely identified with Fujifilm. The three 30-second TV commercials, created by Publicis New York, show the family in a variety of picture-taking scenarios using a variety of Fuji products.

In the ad that features Fujifilm's Aladdin Digital Photo Center, Mr. Green uses the kiosk to print digital images of his wife, daughter and son. Mr. Green then takes the prints home, places them on the couch and starts acting out a game of "Charades." His family unexpectedly returns home and catches him in the act. The daughter photographs her dad frozen in mid-grimace with a Nexia Q1 APS camera.

Until this recent ad campaign, the only imaging company to aggressively market print-at-retail kiosks on television has been Fujifilm's chief rival, Kodak. Rutherford said she believes consumers are still not getting the picture that they can print their digital images at retail.

"I'm not sure consumers understand the capability or availability of this kind of technology," she said. "But as more and more digital cameras get out into the market and as more and more digital print kiosks get out there, it will be more and more important to become a player in that area."

Calling kiosks "the linchpin" for Fujifilm, she noted that having a viable print-at-retail solution creates a two-fold impact on the photo market. "From a retailer's perspective, it's one of the major traffic drivers in a store. From the consumer's perspective, it makes getting prints from a digital camera more convenient."

But the latest round of advertising from Fujifilm focuses on more than just kiosks. In another of the spots, Mr. Green offers his daughter's date "Chad" black licorice candy as he waits for her to get ready. When his daughter Kellie arrives downstairs, Mr. Green photographs the couple with a Fujifilm FinePix F401 digital camera, capturing Chad's black-stained teeth as he smiles. In a third spot entitled "Miracle," Mrs. Green photographs Mr. Green with a Fujifilm QuickSnap Flash as he's caught "miraculously" vacuuming.

"The Green family, in humorous, offbeat vignettes, bring Fujifilm's extraordinary family of products to life by giving ordinary people the power to create special occasions out of regular everyday situations," said David Corr, executive director of Publicis New York.

Rutherford said the current trio of ads will run through Q4 of this year, with a new series of commercials featuring The Greens appearing next spring, and then another new series next fall. ptn