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By Jerry Lansky

September 2001

Gretag's new digital4master kit is a digital upgrade solution for users of Gretag analog minilabs including the Master Lab, Performa Entro, Master Flex A and Master Nova series. With the digital4master kit, Gretag minilab operators can offer digital services with their analog equipment without having to buy a new digital minilab.
Gretag's new digital4master upgrade kit accepts SmartMedia, CompactFlash, PC cards, Sony Memory Stick and CD-ROM. From this media, the system will output files via either secure E-photo uploading to the Internet for photo-sharing, or produce prints on the users' analog minilab. Prints are produced on 3.5-inch or 4-inch paper at a rate of 150 digital prints per hour, with a resolution of 170 dpi.
An added feature of the digital4master kit is a set of image correction and composition tools that can be applied to the digital photo images. Users of the kit can also produce packages and photo albums.
The digital4master kit also includes Gretag installation and training —

New Dye-Sub Printer from Mitsubishi Imaging
Mitsubishi introduces the new CP-910U analog, roll-type dye-sub color printer. The unit features a 325 dpi thermal print head and built-in Color Imaging Chips to accurately control color and deliver consistant print quality regardless of ink sheet. Other features include an 8 MB frame memory, multi-printing capability, connection to videotape recorders and wired remote controller.
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PhotoAccess Offers New Merchandise Corporation offers several new products for digital camera users, including matte finish photo prints and photo gift wrap. These new products give PhotoAccess' partner Websites one of the largest, online catalogues of photo merchandise — more than a hundred creative products in total.
Photo Gift Wrap — Wrap a graduation or birthday gift this holiday season in personalized sheets of photo gift-wrapping paper of a baby picture or favorite pet. Available in 24x36- and 36x48-inch sheets; Posters — Decorate a room, promote an event, or surprise a friend. PhotoAccess will blow up your favorite image into a poster size picture, available in two sizes, a 24x36-inch print, or a 36x48-inch print; Matte Finish Photos — Those portrait and candid shots deserve the luster of matte finish prints. PhotoAccess now offers customers the choice of either glossy or matte finish for the same low price; Wallet Prints — Wallet prints are available in both matte and glossy finishes; Professional Jigsaw Puzzles — Finally, a real 500 piece 18x24-inch jigsaw puzzle emblazoned with your own personal challenge. A great gift.

dotphoto Rivals Competition
dotPhoto, Inc. is alive and well as the climate surrounding dot.coms is heating up.
New members of receive sixty free prints (up to 4" x 6"). Other dotPhoto initial membership benefits include unlimited digital storage for one year and a free web-ready microphone. dotPhoto is still the only Internet site where the addition of a microphone can add sound to individual pictures and entire photo albums. The company has recently implemented additional capabilities including customized site features that organize, archive, retouch, print, and present pictures and ideas in powerful new formats, those which have only become possible since the advent of digital photography and the Internet. The ability to cost-effectively store unlimited photographs, images, albums and sounds makes dotPhoto's service unique to the Internet and photographic industry.

Howtek's FotoFunnel
Howtek Inc., and Noritsu America Corp., formed an agreement for Noritsu to offer and promote the Howtek FotoFunnel photographic print scanner as a component of Noritsu's Digital Print Station — Operator Terminal, which is now available in North America. The FotoFunnel photographic print scanner accepts up to 80 color or black and white photographs at a time, converting the photos to electronic form and saving the images on a CD.
Noritsu claims the Digital Print Station offers full digital lab capabilities to the photo retailer, capturing images from photo prints and digital camera memory as well as from rolls of film, and allowing the retailer to provide pictures on CD-ROMs, floppy disks, and other media. The system is integrated with the Noritsu QSS 2611, 2612 and other minilabs. The system can also be used on a stand-alone basis to accept images from digital camera memory, photographic prints, new rolls of film, and to produce photos on CDs. Digital files created by the system can also be uploaded to the Internet.

Snapfish: Suite of New Features
Online photo service Snapfish is now offering a suite of features including image editing, high-resolution downloads, and a customizable photo CD-ROM. Customers can edit their photos online before ordering reprints. The tools, developed in cooperation with Pixami, enable customers to fix redeye, crop their photos, and automatically fix color and contrast problems.
Also new is a photo CD-ROM product that enables customers to archive high-res versions of their Snapfish images on CD-ROM, regardless of whether they originated from film or a digital camera. Customers can create the Snapfish albums they want to save on CD-ROM and caption the photos. Software included with the CD-ROMs features a variety of image editing tools, plus a slideshow. High-resolution downloads of customer images stored at Snapfish are now available as well.

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