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Market Pulse: What are you doing for MAY National Photo Month?

May is National Photography month, and retailers around the country are gearing up to support their four weeks in the spotlight. Granted, we should treat every month like it's National Photography month, but with added focus placed on everything photographic, shop owners are holding events, offering special incentives to customers, and coordinating with manufacturers for promotional sales to take advantage of the increased attention. National Photography Month was originally one week (May 7-14), but was later expanded to a month given the camera's increasing prominence in American culture. Read on for more...

a.We will download the free National Photo Month artwork and use it with our photo specials. Also I am considering a photo contest along with handing out special coupons to the photo classes at the VO-tech school.

Doug Adams
Audio 1
Cape Girardeau, MO

a. Our insert comes out in the middle of the month so we start early for National Photo Month. On page one of the newspaper insert, I'm doing a new photo class-much more 'hands-on'. After teaching a 'two level' class (101 & 201) for years, I've finally realized that if I didn't turn the students loose with their cameras, they may never experiment with new settings out of fear of never getting back to the original settings-or forget before they ever tried.

Using our HP Photosmart Studio system we're going to offer free 5x7 photo books for anyone that's had a baby in the past year (we're not that picky, though). Years ago, it was a great promo to process the first roll of film free for new parents. My mother-in-law would address envelopes to the new parents from announcements in the paper. Well, times have changed and years ago they had to stop putting those in the paper. So then we went to making the offer any time we'd see 'baby' pictures on a roll of film-whatever it would take to capture new parents as they made long term customers. Times have changed again-and now parents (and consumers in general) want to do new things with those pictures so this will be the first of an annual event-the free baby photobook promo.

We'll also have balloons outside, a classified ad section for used photo gear (notice how few items are in today's classifieds?) and more.

And we're offering free cameraphone prints-up to 20 per day. More and more cameraphones have removable media but few people ever print the pictures. Today's cameraphones can take respectable pictures and store them on removable media so that the consumer can get to them without having to use messaging services to move them out of the phone. (I helped Chad Munce of PMA write the 'book' on cameraphones for labs to get more cameraphone images on paper.) Or the whole guide at

Paul Rentz, President
Rush Hour Photo
Corvallis, OR

a.We have planned an event through a Canon camera clinic and sale.

Clients can bring Canon cameras in to be cleaned and the factory tech will do an inspection. Canon reps. will be on hand to demo the new products. We'll also include special pricing on Canon products and all other stuff in the store.
We have a seminar open to registrants of our annual photo contests, which is part of a fundraiser for cancer. Also leading up to National Photography month, we had an Electric Street Car shoot last week, in which clients rode and photographed the street cars on its route. We followed this event with a Critique Night in the store. We hold these events to generate a following of people interested in learning how to be proactive with their camera equipment, along with creating opportunities to show new accessories that can enhance their equipment.


a.We are resetting our camera bar with the newest cameras. One of our associates will be starting short camera classes to help customers decide which camera will be best suited for their needs.

Melonhey Davis
Department Manager, Wal-Mart
Gun Barrel City, TX

a. We haven't done anything special since we sell only photo related items and nothing else. We promote photography 12 months a year with seminars, books, DVDs and related support material. As the ad slogan goes: 'An educated consumer is our best customer.'