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Lucidiom's software lets you offer the ability to create DVDs with your customer's children as the star
variety of interactive DVD titles are now available from Lucidiom
Sony's new compact PictureStation kiosk
Whitech lets your customers get creative with photobooks

Animated Specialty DVDs That Star Your Customers' Children-Brought to You by Lucidiom

Just in time for the holidays, Lucidiom has brought a selection of animated DVD titles to photofinishers that allow your customers' children to be incorporated into the movie-becoming the stars of the show! Customized through the use of a photo of the child, the kid is transformed into one of the main characters of the movie.

"These animated DVDs make great gifts, and we're bringing a good range of titles to photo retailers right as the holiday selling season launches into full gear," said Stephen Giordano, Jr., president of Lucidiom Inc. "Kids love watching themselves in these movies, and retailers gain another premium, high-margin product for their stores."

Consumers can create a video that features their child's face as they help Santa foil Jack Frost's plan to ruin Christmas. The Christmas-themed video, "My Christmas Adventure," developed by Sentimental Journeys Inc., features the child in a winter wonderland of magic and fun, where he or she snowboards, dances, pilots an airplane, and flies with Santa.

All retailers need to offer these new products to their customers is a Lucidiom APM (Automated Photo Machine) with an internet connection. There's no up-front charge to the retailer-you're only charged when a DVD is ordered. The finished DVD is mailed to the store within 7 to 12 days.

Currently there are eight different videos available, and the company says it will be adding more titles in 2008. Descriptions of each video are on the company's website at

Sony Adds Compact PictureStation Photo-Printing Kiosk

Sony introduced a new compact PictureStation photofinishing kiosk at the PhotoPlus Expo in New York City this past October. The kiosk is scheduled to begin shipping this month.

The new model offers a full range of services with a footprint that's less than half the size of its big brother. A variety of output options available include 4x8 photo greetings, photo borders, enhancement tools, calendars, CD burning, and scanning via an integrated flatbed scanner. With the ability to produce up to 800 prints/hour, the compact PictureStation can be expanded to output 2,000 prints/hour.

And the new version can be further expanded as your business grows. "Retailers are continually being challenged to use their stores' real estate more efficiently," said Jay Kelbley, senior manager, product marketing for Sony's digital photofinishing group. "This new system can grow in any store layout and can easily be integrated with in-store merchandising materials and Sony-branded displays."

The new system can be incorporated into the camera store or lab environment as an expandable countertop unit or with a base station. Optional "sidecar" units house additional printers for maximum printing capacity. Other features that can be incorporated into this unit include credit card and value card payment options, remote monitoring, and updating; the unit can be networked in wired or wireless configurations.

Go to for more details.

Wall Drug Boosts Photo Center Profits With Mitsubishi Kiosk

If you're traveling through South Dakota on your way to Badlands National Park or any of the other nearby tourist attractions, you can make a pit-stop at Wall Drug's legendary roadside mall and attractions for food, drinks, or photos. That's right-photos. Wall Drug has installed a Mitsubishi DPS Kiosk 7000 photofinishing/printing kiosk, complete with credit card capability. This allows the store to offer digital photo printing, generating revenue for its photo department while providing a service to its customers. The full-featured DPS Kiosk 7000 is compact and can be mounted on a pedestal or positioned on a countertop.

Wall Drug-one of the more famous roadside attractions in the U.S.-began offering free ice water to travelers passing through the state in 1931. The attraction brings as many as 15,000 customers to its location each day in the summertime.

Along with printing their images, the kiosk allows Wall Drug's customers the ability to burn their images to CD, emptying their media cards for more shooting while traveling or on vacation. Tyler Swift, head of the photo department at Wall Drug, says that while the store does stock media cards, most of the customers choose to burn their images to CD and keep on using the cards they have.

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