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Innovative Retailing

PMA Trade Shows — the world's largest annual photo imaging opportunity for non-stop information exchange.

Each year, PMA International Convention and Trade Shows are host to hundreds of exhibitors, providing the imaging industry a central location for experiencing the latest technology and interacting with industry colleagues and friends.

PMA Conventions are marked by a broad international audience representing over 100 countries experiencing local, neighborhood-style friendliness. Making large conventions feel small has always been the PMA creed.

One of the biggest trends at this year’s Photo Marketing Association Convention and Trade Show is Retailing—and how photo specialty, minilab, and other retailers in the imaging space can refine their focus and marketing direction to bring customers through the door. PMA 2006 truly represents the theme “imaging at its most innovative.”

Targeted Retailing

From PMA’s “The Complete Picture Inspiration Center” to pavilions with a directed focus on Kiosks, Scrapbooking, Custom Framing, and Wireless—it’s all about how to showcase the products and services you offer consumers. Along with the new products at the show, PMA is offering a seminar and conference schedule to help educate attendees on the different ways they can use the new product and service solutions available, to better serve their customers.

The Complete Picture Inspiration Center will showcase hands-on lifestyle experiences. The center’s objective is to show retailers how to better communicate to today’s most powerful target market—the Gen X mom. The Inspiration Centers will be arranged in task-related categories: preserving, creating, connecting, celebrating, and performance.

Identifying customer needs, and successfully implementing solutions is at the heart of the new segments that photo retailers are adopting in an effort to increase sales and profitability.

Focusing your marketing efforts to each customer group—the scrapbooker, youth, early adopter, and professional photographer—lets you customize the solution to the customers you want to attract.

Custom Framing

At the Custom Framing Pavilion, manufacturers who offer products in this market will show how it can be a profitable niche addition for photo specialty or minilab retailers who add custom framing to their mix.

In addition to the Professional Picture Framers Association’s (PPFA) Master Certified Picture Framer exams on February 23 and 24, the PPFA Convention will present 70+ sessions on technical and business topics. Speakers include: William Parker, MCPF; Rob Markoff, CPF; Ellen Collins, MCPF; and Bob Carter.

Photo restoration, a common request, will be tackled by Jeff Makoff, DigitalCustom Group Inc., at a PPFA Night School session on Monday, February 27. The session “Photo Restoration, Repair and Digital Art Services – New Revenue Streams for Custom Framers,” will explore various options: photo prints on canvas, scanning services, “pop art” renderings, and other digital imaging services. It will also assist custom-frame retailers in analyzing how to offer the services for maximum potential.

Scrapbook Pavilion

The Professional Scrapbook Retailers Organization (PSRO) will meet during PMA, for its second Annual Convention. For imaging retailers already incorporating scrapbooking into their product offerings, or for retailers who want to know more about scrapbooking, the Scrapbook pavilion and sessions will offer a wealth of knowledge about this multi-billion dollar marketplace.

The sessions will focus on such as: business issues, visual merchandising, increasing store traffic, providing top-notch customer service, analyzing market research, teaching scrapbook classes, and learning how to tame the purchasing and selling processes to keep stock turning over consistently.

Retailers will learn how to become experts in their communities on taking, organizing, sharing and printing digital images; and how to create a niche to cultivate unique customers. Collaboration with other industry stores will help scrapbook retailers gain buying power, market information, and resources.

Participants will discover the benefits of cross-selling merchandise for increased sales, and learn how to keep the store environment fresh and fun while making every inch count.

Key figures on hand from the scrapbooking industry include: PSRO director Jeanne Wines-Reed, founder and publisher of Scrapbook Retailer magazine; Doug Rowan, of Zoom Albums; Kent Chesley, of Ellison; and Steve Ruelle, from Making Memories.

Mobile Imaging and the Wireless Pavilion

Companies from both the photographic and wireless industries will be on hand—showcasing the newest products, services, and technologies shaping the future of mobile imaging.

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