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Info to Go! Portable Media Drives & Cards to Fit Your Customers' Storage Needs
New USB Drive and Media Card Products Debut

ATP Petito
ATP Petito
PNY Technologies USB flash drive, Memorex Mega TravelDrive, SanDisk Cruzer Titanium, Sony Micro Vault
Left to Right, Top to Bottom: (1) PNY Technologies' shock-, UV-, dust-, and water-resistant USB flash drive, (2) the Memorex Mega TravelDrive is available in 6GB and 8GB capacities, (3) SanDisk Cruzer Titanium is rugged, fast, and smart, (4) Sony’s redesigned Micro Vault lineup includes the Micro Vault “Tiny,” up to 2GB; the Micro Vault PRO 8GB.
Hoodman CF Card
Hoodman’s Professional Performance Only line of CF cards come in 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB capacities.
Kingston's CompactFlash Ultimate Memory Card, Lexar’s Professional 8GB CF Type I Card
Left to Right: (1) Kingston's CompactFlash Ultimate memory card, up to 4GB, with a speed of 100X, (2) Lexar’s Professional 8GB CF Type I card is now twice as fast at 90X.

Just when you thought they couldn’t get any smaller, faster, or more portable, virtually indestructible thumbdrives and memory cards no bigger than your average potato chip are holding more images, music files, and text than ever. Even more impressive, these eternally evolving storage media are jumping onto the convergence bandwagon with some companies building software directly into the drives. Read on...


Weighing just 1.4 ounces, sporting a slim design that’s meant to fit in a pocket, and featuring a foldable USB connector, the Archos ARCDrive 4GB USB key stick hard drive allows users to enjoy greater mobility and time savings. Just plug the unit into a PC or Mac’s USB port.


Measuring just 1.65"x0.8", the ATP Petito’s sleek little design is able to make transporting data, digital images, and presentations (up to 2GB of storage) into a fashion statement. Whether carried on a keychain or mobile phone, or worn as a necklace, Petito’s complete encapsulation provides protection from water, shock, dust, and extreme temperatures.

Delkin Devices

Two new additions have been made to Delkin’s Archival Gold Line: Archival Gold CD-R’s and DVD-R’s with Scratch Armor, and Inkjet DVD-R’s. Scratch Armor is a clear protective coating that resists scratches, scuffs, dirt, chemicals, and fingerprints. The addition of an inkjet surface on the DVD-R’s allows the discs to be customized further.


The latest portable media storage products from Imation include the fashionable Flash Wristband (in multiple colors) and the Swivel Pro Flash Drive.


Kingston’s new 1GB U3 DataTraveler smart drive not only offers portable storage, it also carries data and U3 software programs you can download from


At the CES show, Lexar announced a unique storage capacity meter for its USB flash drives, integrating an electronic paper display from E Ink Corporation. The E Ink display is a paper-thin, shatter-proof, easy-to-read meter that doesn’t rely on power to show the information when the drive is disconnected from a computer. The Lexar JumpDrive Mercury will be the first unit to feature this capacity meter.


The Memorex Mega TravelDrive is available in 6GB and 8GB capacities, delivering portable storage in a unit featuring a pivoting USB connector, and plenty of style. The 6GB model comes in a metallic charcoal finish; the 8GB model comes in metallic black.

PNY Technologies

PNY Technologies expanded its family of USB Flash Drives with a shock-, UV-, dust-, and water-resistant USB flash drive with a rubberized housing; the Mini Attaché, with its compact size and proprietary swing design; and the Pro Attaché, encased in a durable titanium housing with a retractable USB connector, eliminating the hassle of lost caps. The drives are available in a range of capacities.


The new Ridata Laser Pointer USB drive is a thumb-sized portable drive, available in capacities up to 1GB, with four new functions: auto login, bookmarks, FLASH mail, and Secret ZIP.


Cruzer Titanium is rugged, fast, and smart. Its Liquidmetal casing is crush-resistant over 2,000 pounds, and the drive features 15MB-per-second write/read performance. Available in 1GB and 2GB capacities, the drive comes loaded with several U3 programs, including the CruzerSync synchronization tool and the SignupShield password manager. Finally, a new retractable USB port eliminates the need for a cap.


The SimpleTech SimpleDrive Mini 1" external USB hard drive has 4GB of storage in a unit that fits inside a shirt pocket. With its retractable USB 2.0 plug, the SimpleDrive Mini is ultralight, durable, and shock-resistant.


Sony’s redesigned Micro Vault lineup includes the Micro Vault “Tiny,” up to 2GB; the Micro Vault PRO 8GB, which offers preloaded Auto Sync software; and the Micro Vault Classic and Turbo, available in capacities up to 4GB and preloaded with Virtual Expander, which expands the capacity to store up to three times as much data by compressing and decompressing files.

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