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Gateway Cameras Open Doors to Profits and Customer Loyalty

Gateway Cameras Open Doors to Profits and Customer Loyalty

by Diane Berkenfeld

Gateway digital cameras are designed for people who wouldn't normally own a digital camera—or any camera—for that matter. Consequently, they present an intriguing business prospect for the photo retailer, providing a "gateway" to attracting new customers to the world of digital imaging.
According to IDC's Christopher Chute, so-called Gateway cameras include everything from PC cameras and webcams to low-end or entry-level cameras that allow users to capture and share images. In a similar vein, PC peripherals or CE devices that add imaging to other devices, are gateways to Infoimaging. In the end it all adds up to the same thing for the retailer—Gateway cameras provide the perfect opportunity to upsell to their customers in the future.

Creative designs are bringing consumers Gateway cameras they may want to wear as an accessory. Because teens and young adults are aware of fashion trends (and manufacturers know this), cameras sometimes seem to be designed these days more for looks than for taking great photos.
According to SiPix, their company offers competitive and innovative products that allow users to do things never before possible. In order to accelerate mass adoption and to expand applications for professional and consumer markets—technology migration will enable digital imaging anytime, anywhere. These include products that are highly portable, stylish, wearable and compact.

Casio's Exilim is being marketed as an "in vogue" camera that is easy to use, fun and trendy; a fashion statement for those who can afford to spend a little more. In one of the recent ads for the Exilim, the camera is displayed in the back pocket of a shapely-filled pair of women's leather pants.
"Consumers, especially women, are looking to hop on to the digital camera trend, but they want to do it in style," explained Gary Schultz, business director, Mobile Information Products division, Casio Inc. "We have achieved a perfect balance of form and function with this sleek, sexy camera,"
As Casio defines it, the Exilim is a digital fashion statement and a high-tech digital camera. Casio also offers an Exilim model that comes with earphones and plays MP3s in addition to taking photographs. They also offer hot accessory cases. The cameras are 1.3 megapixels but through interpolation offer 2 megapixels of resolution.
World Wide Licenses' Cool-i-cam line of digicams offer low price entry level models with multiple features. The different models come with neck straps, wrist straps, clips and wearable cases.
Benq boasts their small cameras, such as the 300 mini, contain features that make it a lifestyle must have.
Crystal Digital is another new company offering affordable Gateway cameras. David J. Weaver, founder of the company created Crystal Digital to offer the design and manufacture of high quality digital cameras and accessory products to meet the growing demand for low cost, user-friendly products. Crystal Digital offers cameras that range in resolution from VGA through 2 megapixels.
SMaL Camera Technologies is known for their technology which allows cameras to be made ultra small, thin and portable. This year, SMaL partnered with Logitech to bring the Logitech Pocket Digital Camera to market.
Vivitar has long been known for Gateway imaging products, both digital and film-based cameras. The ViviCam 3615 is a 2.11 megapixel digicam that the company says is a great value for students and digital newbies who want a high-resolution camera—not a toy—for their first digital experience.

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