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Fall PMA-Miami Nice

Fall PMA-Miami Nice

Getting Customers To Print Their Digital Images Is Show's Focus

by Dan Havlik

Sharing ideas on how to get consumers to print their digital images at photo specialty will be one of the main themes of this year's Fall PMA show in Miami Beach, according to Donald Spring Jr., president of the Photo Marketing Association International.

"We have to get the message out to the public that they can make prints from their digital cameras by going to their neighborhood photo specialty store," Spring told PTN. "At the show this year, there will be seminars where people will show ways they've been able to do just that."

Officially known as the 2003 PMA Fall Imaging Conference and Mini Trade Show, the show will be held September 11-14 at the Foundtainebleau Hilton Resort in Miami Beach, FL. According to PMAI estimates, attendance is expected to be at about the same level as it was in Atlanta last year where some 1,200 people attended the show. According to Tom Crawford, PMAI's director of Corporate Relations and Development, a slightly larger number of exhibitors were slated to take part in Fall PMA this year. At press time, the exhibitor list consisted of about 90 companies, including PTN's parent company, Cygnus Business Media.

When asked whether having the show start on the unfortunate date of September 11th had been an issue with exhibitors and attendees, Spring said he wasn't aware of any concern. "To be honest with you, it hasn't come up at all," he said, noting that while Fall PMA is generally a local show, "we do get a fair amount of air travellers."

He added that interest by retailers in staying up-to-date in the changing imaging industry should help boost attendance. He noted that PMA 2003 in Las Vegas last March-the industry's main event-had a record number of attendees at about 30,000.

"As people are shifting from film to digital, retailers are constantly trying to find out how to deal with this change," Spring said. "And while consumers are continuing to buy digital cameras, sooner or later they're going to start saying 'Where are my albums of photos?' That's why we say: 'Preserve memories. Make prints.'"

"So if you're concerned about your roll counts or print counts, if your consumers are wondering what to do now that they've bought their digital camera, this is the show to go to."

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