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Digital Scrapbooking
Transcending generational lines, expanding revenue opportunities

Digital scrapbooking is an easy way for photo dealers to expand their business past traditional camera and accessory sales. A pastime that blurs generational lines, scrapbooking is yet another medium dealers can use to increase revenue and push print sales, widening their customer base to grandmothers, Gen X moms, and twenty-something snap-happy point-and-shooters. If you perused the isles at CHA this year, you most likely found myriad products dedicated to the digital scrapbooking craze. The age-old scrapbook has morphed in a modern way to not only preserve memories, but to showcase a distinct style and personality with each photograph.

According to JAMES SALDANHA of Whitech, dealers don't have to invest money on expensive equipment to offer digital scrapbooking at their operation. "We're seeing interest in our photobook module as a way to create a digital scrapbook as opposed to just printing 4x6s," explains Saldanha. "The fact that this can be done through a wholesaler means that it is as simple as setting up a website for a dealership to offer without the hassle of investing in expensive equipment or carrying stock." And if dealers want in-store services, Saldanha says that they can "always invest in one kiosk with the same application or set up some PCs connected to the internet with Whitech's online application running through their company's website." He also suggests that retailers hold classes to show customers how best to take advantage of these features.

ASHLEY SMITH, partner, Polka Dot Potato, recognizes that scrapbooking can eventually lead to camera sales. "Photography and digital scrapbooking go hand-in-hand," says Smith. "As a digital scrapbooker's skills improve, so does her desire for great photos. Many scrapbookers are investing in digital SLR cameras and expensive lenses so they can capture their memories even better." As with all hobbies, there are different levels of enthusiasts. Smith suggests that retailers focus on all levels, instead of just concentrating on the higher end of that spectrum. "Some scrapbookers build their scrapbook pages in Photoshop Elements using individual graphics, which allows them full customization," she says. "Others prefer to use precompleted templates in a kiosk environment and drag and drop their photos into place. Either customer can generate revenue for a photo dealer. Profit sources not only include printing their scrapbook pages, but selling scrapbook albums."

DANIELLE HUTCHINSON of Pioneer concurs: "Digital scrapbooking gives photo dealers an opportunity to cross market and reach out to new and repeat customers by offering ways to store and display their digital photos and enlargements. You can advertise one type of scrapbook to different consumers; digital scrapbooks can be used for regular scrapbooking, digital scrapbooking, and enlargement storage. It also encourages repeat buyers who become hooked and need to continuously buy new products."

Here are some products that have led the digital scrapbooking bandwagon...

Whitech's latest software, Imagine, takes traditional scrapbooking into the digital arena with many different borders and embellishments that suit different themes and events. Complementing the traditional form of scrapbooking, decorations can be chosen and placed anywhere on the scrapbook in a dynamic environment and printed in either a single page or photobook format. Imagine can be offered on a retailer's website for simple online implementation.

Polka Dot Potato provides a useful service for brick-and-mortar stores to help identify them as digital scrapbook destinations and generate revenue from online art sales. For more details, check out the company website at

The Noritsu QSS-35 and 37 Series digital printers are designed with advanced capabilities for maximum productivity and efficiency. The QSS-35 and 37 Series deliver up to 2,360 4R/hour. The QSS-37 Series can output 12x36 jumbo panorama prints and 12x12 scrapbook prints.

Pioneer Photo Albums released its MB-811CBF collection, which features an 8.5x11 scrapbook containing 20 top-loading pages, 10 seamless clear sheet protectors, and 10 heavy white paper inserts. The book is available in a variety of solid-color fabric covers, each with a window on the front cover to insert a photo.

Corel Painter Essentials 4 is a digital art studio that digital, hybrid, and traditional scrapbookers can use to create handcrafted images for their scrapbook pages. Scrapbookers can then use these painted masterpieces in a digital layout or print them out and utilize them as a traditional embellishment.

Creative Imaginations offers backgrounds for Lucidiom photobooks available with layout templates, and coordinating content for fold-over cards, notepads, and wrapping paper. They also offer retailers their own branded website hosted by Creative Imaginations that allows consumers to make photobooks, custom announcements, and invitations, all with Creative Imaginations designs. The consumers can hybridize their digital creations with Creative Imaginations stickers and embellishments.