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Digital Scrapbooking
Makes inroads in the photo and craft arenas

There's a crazy rumor going around that digital scrapbooking is taking over the craft world. Traditional scrapbook stores are buckling down, gearing up, and getting their crop rooms ready for the eventual takeover of the laptop croppers. Soccer moms, grandmothers, and college students alike are turning in their film cameras for digital SLRs such as the Canon Rebel and Nikon D70s. MySpace, Facebook, TypePad, and Blogger are becoming the modern way of "getting to know" your new neighbors, and people love it. The modern face of the scrapbooker lies in just about every American woman with children, a family, or any sort of life whatsoever. Even some men have gotten into it. You, the photo retailer, see them every day. The frazzled soccer-mom bringing in the team photos to be edited or checking the settings on her new camera, the businessman dropping off a disk of photos to be printed-they are all the modern face of scrapbookers.

As a trade publisher in the craft industry for the last 20-plus years, we at Design Originals are not sure the crazy rumor is completely true. The digital scrapbooker may not take over the entire craft industry, but it's safe to say they are taking up a larger portion of it than some traditional scrapbook retailers are comfortable with. Who better to benefit from this new transition than, of course, the photo retailer. Digital scrapbooking is a rapidly growing segment of the photo market. This surge in growth has been especially inherent in the last 18 to 20 months, when the first digital scrapbooking magazines hit newsstands and the internet. While this rapid growth has caused some trepidation among traditional scrapbook manufacturers and vendors, industry analysts predict that digital scrapbooking will draw more newcomers into the fold than it will pull traditionalists away from paper and scissors. Digital scrapbooking seems to appeal to consumers who are well entrenched in digital photography, and busy moms who appreciate the speed and ease of creating scrapbook pages on the computer. Today men are beginning to take interest in the digital side of memory-making, in what traditionally has been a female-driven industry.

Digital scrapbooking has also opened up a new market for books and tutorials to help new digi-scrappers turn their current photo-editing software into their new "Scrapbook Room." Design Originals has taken a stance to educate new digi-scrappers in the ways of using Adobe Photoshop Elements to create beautiful scrapbook creations; through a collection of tutorial books.

The first in the series, "Digi-Scrappin' 101," walks the new user through all aspects of digital scrapbooking in simple, easy-to-understand terminology. Yes, we really tell them how to open the program, edit photos, and make scrapbook pages. We also tell them how and where to get their completed pages printed-with photo retailers such as yourselves.

In the second installment of the series, "Digi-Scrappin' 102: Brushes & Actions," we take the reader to the next level of creation. We teach them to do several techniques with Brushes-the digital equivalent of rubber stamps, show them the fun and beautiful things they can accomplish by using actions. Design Originals offers retailers a series of six CDs with add-on brush sets that customers can purchase along with their new book.

The third installment of the series is "Digi-Scrappin' 103: Designing with Fonts." In this book we tackle the world of text and all it encompasses. Not only do we give readers a thorough gallery of page ideas, but we teach them how, why, and what to journal on their scrapbook pages.

As photo retailers, you are already engaging the customers who own and use digital photography and may already use some type of photo-editing software. Carrying digital scrapbooking supplies is the next natural progression. Embrace a new community that otherwise may walk out your door.