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Dan Kinsley Joins HP In New Retail Photo Post
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Dan Kingsley

Dan Kinsley has joined Hewlett Packard in the new position of manager, New Business Development, Retail Photo Finishing Solutions, a title that signals a strong message as to where HP future efforts may be directed.

Dan left Agfa after almost 20 years with the firm. His most recent responsibility was that of vice president of sales though he previously held various territory and regional sales positions. Rick Maurer has been promoted to replace Dan at Agfa.

There has been some speculation in the trade over the last few months that HP was preparing a product that would be suitable to the retail photo environment. Some have speculated that it would be a kiosk-type unit while others have suggested it would be a behind-the-counter system. Common is the thought that it would be a high-speed system that would be offered at an attractively low price. Either way, it would employ inkjet technology.

Dan Kinsley's title would certainly support the idea that HP is on the brink of entering the retail photo market in some fashion.

HP was a joint-venture partner with Kodak in the Phogenix inkjet minilab, a program that was scuttled at the last possible instant when beta units were already in the field and production had begun. Retailers who had tested that product were enthusiastic about it and disappointed when the program was cancelled. It is not known whether any of that technology is employed in any new HP product.

Prior to joining Agfa, Dan held posts at Hope Industries and Noritsu. ptn