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2001 PTN Top Products of the Year

The Best of the Best of 2001

And The Winners Are...

For the past 12 years Photo Trade News has conducted a poll of our readership to determine the Top Products of the Year. Ballots are sent to a random sampling of our readership, and printed in several issues of the magazine prior to our Top Products of the Year issue. We ask our readers to choose those products that have caused consumer excitement and have made a strong impact on their bottom line during the past year.
These awards honor the products and the entire team of people that has brought them to the marketplace including the designers, engineers, factory employees, marketing and advertising people, and field sales reps in addition to the entire organization that contributed to their success.
This time around 22 categories were selected for our readers to vote on in addition to the category that honors our readers choice for overall top product in 2001.

The Envelope Please
For the third year in a row (and fourth in the last five) photo retailers have chosen a digital camera as the overall top product of the year. In 1997 and 1998 it was the Olympus D300L taking top overall honors followed by the Olympus C-2000 and C2500. For 2000 it was Nikon's turn to take top honors overall with the unique Coolpix 990. This year, Nikon again takes the reigns as overall top product winner with the D1x.
The runner-up in the category is also a digital camera, the Minolta DiMAGE 7. Its certainly no surprise then, that the top technology in 2001 was Fuji Digital, with votes encompassing Fuji's line of digital cameras, including those incorporating the Super CCD; Fuji digital minilabs and kiosks. Sony's CD camera technology received kudos in the runner-up position.
PTN would like to thank all who cast their vote and congratulate this year's winners.

Overall Technology
Fuji Digital
(minilabs, kiosks, Super CCD)

The winner in the Overall Technology category is Fuji, for their Super CCD, Digital Frontier minilabs and Aladdin photo kiosks. Each of these different Fuji digital technologies received votes in the category this year. The Super CCD, a reshaped CCD chip allowing more light to hit the sensor, reshaped Fuji digital as well. Fuji's Frontiers and Aladdins were also favorites with retailers as the best new technology.
Overall Technology
Sony CD Cameras

Sony's CD Cameras have received the runner-up nod for Top Overall Technology this year. Sony, the company that introduced the Memory Stick removable media format brought digital cameras even further by introducing a line of cameras that burn images directly to a mini CD-ROM. We'll be sure to watch for Sony to advance digital imaging in the future.
Overall Top Product
Nikon D1x

Nikon has been fortunate enough to win the coveted Overall Top Product spot for the second year in a row. Last year the Coolpix 990 was voted top honors, this year the D1x received the most votes. Nikon digital cameras continue to be a great sell for retailers. Nikon's entire digital camera line was also chosen as the runner-up in the top digital camera category.
Overall Top Product
Minolta DiMAGE 7

The Overall Top Product runner-up position goes to Minolta's DiMAGE 7, an SLR-type digital camera equipped with a 2/3 inch CCD offering 5.24 Megapixel resolution and a newly designed all-glass 7x optical zoom Minolta GT LENS. DiMAGE 7's optical zoom range is equivalent to (in 35mm photography) a 28-200mm lens. The Flex Focus Point feature in the digital camera expands focusing control by allowing the photographer to choose the position of the focus frame anywhere within the field of view. Minolta digital is here to stay.
(Fixed Focal Length)
Olympus Stylus Epic

For the past eight years Olympus' Stylus has risen above the rest in this category, and this makes the fourth year in a row for the Stylus Epic. Twenty million Stylus sales worldwide have made this camera a favorite of retailers.
35mm SLR (Pro)
Nikon F100

Nikon has grabbed the silver ring with the F100 SLR. This year marks the third in a row the F100 has come away with the most retailer votes in this category. This pro camera and the line of lenses, flashes and other accessories that Nikon offers just can't be beat.
35mm SLR (Amateur)
Canon Rebel 2000

Canon's Rebel 2000 was the runner-up in this category last year - this year it has pulled ahead into the winner's position. This sporty SLR has turned many point and shooters into SLR photographers.
Canon's Entire Line

This year is the first that PTN has incorporated a camcorder category into the Top Products voting and retailers responded enthusiastically. So many of Canon's camcorders received votes that we decided to award the entire line with top honors.
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