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New Products

Digital Printer

At PMA, ZBE Inc. introduced the Chromira5xe Lab to the US market. The Chromira5xe Lab is a comprehensive, fully integrated medium-format digital RA-4 printer/processor lab system, designed to offer continuous digital print production and order management specifically designed for economy-conscious Portrait / Social, Wedding and Custom labs. Its speed, productivity and flexibility support the needs of today's digital imaging market.. Unlike minilab systems, the versatile Chromira5xe Lab supports media 20" (50 cm) wide and can make 20 x 60-inch prints. Additional Chromira5xe Lab benefits and features include: daylight loading and operation, a fully integrated printer/processor, high production Chromira5x imaging engine, x-cutting capabilities, 300 PPI standard imaging resolution, auto-nesting, backprinting of image and order information, distributed front-end network image submission, and exclusive on-the-fly image processing workflow.

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Digital Minilabs

SMI Group showcased at PMA MarKo Line: a new generation of digital minilabs. MarKo Line is a modular expandable line that offers different models of digital minilabs for retailers to choose from. The distinctive features of the new MarKo Line include: small footprint, large performance, maximum image quality, minimum makeovers, more flexibility, less operator training and the new proprietary Swiss made LCD printing technology and enriched with the highly reliable LED array illumination. The line provides retailers with the capacity (400, 600, 1,000 prints per hour), formats (from 3,5 x 5- up to enlargements 12 x 18-inches) and useful options (dual or single paper magazine, internal or external replenishment console, LCD or CRT monitor, 3 types of Film Scanner, etc.) they need for their business.

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Media Cards

Kingston Technology Company, Inc. announced the further expansion of its Secure Digital (SD) Card product line with the release of a 512-MB Elite Pro Hi-Speed SD Card, the latest generation of high-capacity, small form factor digital storage devices on the market today, and a 1-GB standard SD card. Kingston's two new SD cards offer higher performance and greater capacity for a multitude of applications, making them ideal expansion options for SD-enabled devices such as digital audio players, digital cameras, PDAs and cellular phones. Designed for the digital professional or "power" user, the new 512-MB Hi-Speed Elite Pro provides faster transfer rates for anyone wanting increased performance from digital devices that utilize SD Card technology.

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Digital Packaging

Noteworthy Photo Packaging has added a paper CD holder with a cellophane window to its extensive line of digital packaging products. The industry leader in digital packaging, Noteworthy continues to broaden their line to meet the needs of digital imaging professionals. This new product is offered at very competitive prices. Add your logo, name and address in one or two colors for the surprisingly low minimum of only 1,000 pieces.

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Multimedia Phone

Sanyo launched a new mobile phone that features a built-in camera and camcorder. The Sprint PCS Vision Multimedia Phone MM-5600 by Sanyo features an internal and external LCD, and have still camera and camcorder recording capabilities. Users can shoot SXGA resolution digital images with the 1.3 megapixel camera, digital zoom lens, including macro, and flash built into the mobile phone. SXGA resolution allows for ideal 4x6-inch printing. Other features of the Sprint PCS Vision Multimedia Phone MM-5600 by Sanyo include PictBridge compatibility, via the included USB cable; a removable miniSD memory card to store pictures, videos, voice memos, and music on the miniSD cards. A built-in media player also lets you see and hear news, sports and entertainment via the Sprint PCS Vision Multimedia Service. Video and audio content is streamed to the phone at up to 15 frames per second. The phone also incorporates a built-in MP3/AAC player.

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Thermal Digital Minilabs

The DKS 900 Series Thermal Digital Minilabs from DigitalPortal are available with 5 x 7- and 8 x 12-inch print capability. The DKS digital minilab is compact, offering a clean and modern design, utilizing the latest in thermal printing technology. It offers print resolutions up to 692 dpi and is simple and easy to use with Eye-Tech Digital Science picture analysis, Retailers with the DKS 900 also benefit from advances in technology by accepting and allowing connectivity to wireless technologies (Wi-fi and Bluetooth) to capture pictures from PDAs and mobile phones.

It takes up under five square feet of floor space and is available in two versions: with or without film scanner.

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Fine Art Printing System

ErgoSoft announced the release of the d'Vinci Hi-Fi JET Fine Art Printing System at PMA 2005. Utilizing ErgoSoft's StudioPrint RIP and Roland DGA high-performance pigment inkjet printers, the d'Vinci offers a 12-color 54-inch wide fine art reproduction solution that will be of a size and quality that is unmatched in the industry. This solution breaks new ground in the wide-format printing industry by combining, for the first time, all the precision of Roland's Hi-Fi JET Pro II with the power of ErgoSoft RIP software and a uniquely formulated 12-color ink set featuring CMYKOGLcLm and four additional dilutions of black. These elements work together to deliver stunning photorealistic prints that exhibit an exceptionally wide color gamut, unmatched levels of detail, and greatly expanded gray scale capabilities and tonal gradations.

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Large-Format Scanner

Microtek has announced the introduction of the 3,200-dpi ScanMaker 1000XL. Designed for professional applications, the ScanMaker 1000XL is ideal for photo labs and service bureaus. This large-format scanner is available in two models the ScanMaker 1000XL Pro with Transparent Media Adapter (TMA 1600) for dual reflective and transparency scanning, and a standard package without the TMA for reflective media scanning only. Both models feature Kodak Digital Ice Photo Print Technology for automatically restoring damaged photos. Features of the ScanMaker 1000XL include: a 4.0 maximum optical density and full 48-bit color for richer, smoother tonal values and multiple sampling, in user-selectable frequencies of 2, 4, 8, and 16 steps. Multiple sampling reduces random image noise and minimizes signal fluctuation, yielding purer image output that greatly enhances the optical density range. Kodak Digital Ice Photo Print Technology, built into the scanner hardware to automatically reconstruct damaged photos by eliminating surface defects such as rips, tears, and wrinkles.

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