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VUTEk's all-new PressVu UV 320/400
VUTEk's all-new PressVu UV 320/400
Creo's new Leaf Aptus digital camera back system
Creo's new Leaf Aptus digital camera back system

Flatbed Printer
VUTEk has introduced its all-new PressVu UV 320/400 UV-curing, 3.2-meter flatbed rigid and roll-to-roll printer. The PressVu UV 320/400 is the ideal addition for digital image providers who want to increase their productivity and expand their capabilities with a printer that costs far less than competitive printers. Since it accommodates rigid substrates up to 3.2 meters (126 inches) wide, the PressVu UV 320/400 drives productivity through the roof with up to 14 - 2 meter x 3 meter (20 - 4' x 8') sheets per hour. It also features roll-to-roll capability, giving customers true flexibility to offer a full range of services. Applications range from billboard to high quality P-O-P and everything in between. For more info, go to

Digital Camera Backs
Creo Inc. announces the immediate availability of the new Leaf Aptus digital camera back system. This next-generation digital camera back is being introduced in two models: the Leaf Aptus 22 and the Leaf Aptus 17, with resolutions of 22 million and 17 million pixels respectively. The Leaf Aptus was designed to accommodate the needs of professional photographers. A user-friendly and intuitive 6 x 7 cm touch screen display enables photographers to shoot up to 1000 frames without interruption.

Images are shot at an unprecedented speed of up to 1.2 seconds per frame, and can be evaluated and edited on the spot. A unique user button is customizable and enables the photographer to quickly access vital image information and perform tasks without removing his or her hands from the camera. For more info, go to

Printing System
Sawgrass Technologies offers the XG8 System for Epson Stylus Photo R1800 printers. This revolutionary, comprehensive system takes sublimation to the professional level, allowing users to create perfect transfers with minimal effort. With true eight-color printing, the XG8 System increases color gamut, creates noticeably smoother gradient transitions, captures finer detail and adds color depth. The Red & Blue inks achieve true blues and richer reds for better spot colors, and the Light Cyan and Light Magenta create the ultimate photo advantage with more realistic flesh tones and improved image quality.

The expanded features in PowerDriver XG8, the user-friendly color management software, allow the user to create flawless transfers in less time. For more info, go to

Flash-Based MP3 Player
SanDisk Corporation announced the availability of its new SanDisk Sansa e100 series of small, portable digital music players at select national retailers. The new line of MP3 players use embedded flash memory to store many hours of digital music and includes an SD card slot for additional storage capacity. The Sansa e100 line features SRS WOW technology, an audio enhancement solution for rich, immersive sound quality, and it includes software for music management and content downloads digital radio and audiobook services for wide range of listening options. Initially available in 512-megabyte (MB) and 1-gigabyte (GB) capacities, the SanDisk Sansa players can store hundreds of songs and play up to 17 continuous hours on a single AAA battery. The new players feature an SD card slot to conveniently add more storage capacity, which can be significant since SanDisk and other companies have recently announced SD cards up to 2GB in capacity. The SanDisk Sansa music players include improved stereo headphones, carrying case with armband, USB 2.0 cable, AAA Battery and Install CD with value-added software. For added flexibility, they can be used as a USB storage device. For more info, go to

Developing Kit
JOBO Fototechnic, Inc. is proud to introduce the 1 Litre JOBO C-41 Press Kit. Consisting of just one bag of powder each for color developer and stabilizer and two bags for bleach/fix, this product is perfect for the traveling photographer or anyone who needs long shelf life, fast mixing, and quick processing with consistently excellent results. Specially designed for the traveling journalist, this chemistry is compact and safe for air travel. The powder for the developer and bleach/fix mix very easily. Rotary process time at 38° C (approx. 100° F) including the 5 minute pre-warm is 18 minutes 15 seconds. The JOBO C-41 Press Kit is equally well-suited for processing with hand inversion tanks and rotary processors such as their manual processors or AutoLabs. For more info, go to

Digital SLR
Pentax Imaging Company has unveiled a third digital SLR camera, the Pentax *ist DL digital SLR. Carrying on the Pentax tradition of compact digital bodies with simple operation and outstanding performance, the *ist DL features a 2.5 inch LCD monitor and the lightest Pentax digital SLR body at only 16.6 ounces. Positioned as an addition to the popular Pentax digital SLR family, the *ist DL is a perfect camera for beginning digital photographers including families and digital users who are ready to step-up from a point-and-shoot, compact digital camera. Featuring 6.1 effective megapixels and compatibility with most interchangeable Pentax lenses, the *ist DL will ship in July 2005 with the smc Pentax DA 18-55mm digital lens. For more info, go to

Video Viewing System
The Camerz Division of Photo Control Corporation announces a new Video Viewing System for digital SLR cameras that are being used in high volume portrait and school picture applications. By adapting a high-resolution CCD camera to the viewfinder of the SLR, this system allows the subject to be viewed live on a large 4 inch color LCD screen. Captured images and other information normally displayed by the camera can also be viewed on the LCD. This rotating screen is mounted on an adjustable arm that can be set in a position that is convenient and comfortable for the photographer. Configurations are available for use with a variety of digital SLR's, including models made by Canon, Fuji , Kodak, Nikon and Olympus . A rotating camera mount is included for photographing subjects horizontally and vertically. An optional Lindahl Lens Shade can also be adapted to protect the lens, prevent lens flare and accommodate the wide assortment of Lindahl filters and vignettes. For more info, go to

nik multimedia, Inc has introduced nik Sharpener Pro 2.0, the long awaited upgrade to the popular nik Sharpener Pro software. nik Sharpener Pro 2.0 provides the easiest way for photographers and digital imagers to optimally sharpen their digital images and achieve the best possible detail in their final prints. As a plug-in to Adobe Photoshop and other image editing applications, nik Sharpener Pro 2.0 is the perfect addition to a photographer's digital workflow. New features in nik Sharpener Pro 2.0 include 16-bit compatibility for sharpening 16-bit images, a larger preview area to allow users to see how the sharpening alters their images, and new tools offering more control of where sharpening is applied to the image. For more info, go to

Printing Services
OurPictures also announced an expanded retail print network that includes an agreement with digital image processing solutions provider Silverwire to leverage the company's thousands of independent networked photofinishers and retail chains. OurPictures PictureSafe service really addresses an industry-wide photo storage and archiving dilemma by offering a solution for consumers that addresses the issue head on. As media standards evolve another key feature of the service is that OurPictures will convert the consumers' images from jpeg to the next media standard, ensuring that the pictures will be saved for future generations to come. Space for 1,000 pictures is included as part of the Deluxe Edition.
For more info, go to

Digital Device
Pacific Image Electronics announces PrimeFoto, an ideal companion for digital camera users. PrimeFoto is a digital camera accessory for creating digital photo albums and slideshows and saving them onto inexpensive CDs for archiving or sharing with friends and family. PrimeFoto can be connected to a television for easy viewing or used as a standalone unit. Either way, there is no need for a computer when using PrimeFoto.

With PrimeFoto connected to a television, the user inserts a digital camera memory card and blank CD into the unit and can then rotate and select/deselect photos to be produced into digital photo albums/slideshows. Narration or music can be added to personalize the slideshow. The digital photo album/slideshow, along with archive information, is then burned onto the CD with the touch of a button. PrimeFoto also copies original JPEG files onto the CD that can be used to print photos. For more info, go to

Online Output Option
Pixel Outpost, a company with its roots in color management and digital print innovation, announced the launch of a new Internet print service that focuses solely on large format prints. Designed for both novice and expert digital photographers, Pixel Outpost creates new options beyond the 20 x 30-inch photo paper enlargements that are readily available. The service makes it very simple for users to get affordable, high-quality poster-size digital prints on canvas or paper up to 60 inches wide. The site has easy-to-use tools that allow users to trim photos, adjust the photo characteristics and even let users "paint” their photos with an online dry brush filter. The turnaround is fast; prints are shipped the day after an order is placed. For more info, go to

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