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2001 Directory of Printers & Processors

2001 Directory of Printers & Processors
compiled by Scott Olivenbaum

This directory focuses on equipment used for processing and/or printing silver-based photographic products. It is not intended to include printers that output onto other than conventional silver-based media. Nor does it encompass enlargers.

For each product, the respective manufacturer/distributor provided information, which we may have edited for content or length. We are not responsible for errors or omissions. Some of the products were moved to the 2001 Color Digital Printer Directory which will be featured in our August issue.

Note: the letters in brackets [ ] following an entry indicate the types of labs/operations using this equipment, as follows: M = Minilab; L = Microlab; C = Commercial/custom lab; P = Pro/people lab; W = Wholesale photofinisher; B = Service Bureau, S = School lab, D = Drugstore/supermarket/mass-merchandiser; R = Reprographic/printing houses; O = Other (corporate/medical/governmental/press).

Agfa Corp.
Amplex Corp.
Brooke Intl./Brooke Engineering
Colex Imaging
Eastman Kodak
Fuji Photo Film USA
Gretag Imaging
Houston Fearless
Jobo Fototechnic

Konica Photo Imaging
Kreonite Inc.
Linear Processors
Mohr Enterprise
Noritsu America Corp.
Pic-Mount Imaging
ProShots, Inc. A Kodak Company
Saint Charles Research
Stouffer Photo Equipment
TruTrak Imaging

Agfa Corp.
201-440-2500; fax: 201-440-6703;
MSP DIMAX. High Speed color printer for 35 mm and IX 240: using automatic Digital Masking at full speed for improved quality. Built in 35mm film notcher and automatic print lamp changer. Improved High Resolution Color Scanner for Color and density control, Automatic Contrast Management, automatic frame positioning, Automatic Sharpness Detection and Automatic Image data for Inline Index Prints for 35mm and IX240. [W]

IPS Plus. CRT printer for up to 600 Index prints per hour from 35mm and IX240. Will also print greeting cards and digital files. [W]

CF2 Film Processors. Daylight Film Processing for 110, 126, 35mm and IX240. Speeds from 41 FPM to 82 FPM. Processing for C-41, E6 and B&W. [W]

VSP 50 Paper processor. Automatic variable speed, processing at speeds from 32 FPM to 164 FPM connected to two Automatic printers or stand alone paper magazines. No leader belts or clips required. Fully automatic take up system. [W]

APS 135-3 Plus. Automatic Presplicer for Daylight splicing of 35mm film with a machine performance of up to 900 films per hour. Can be connect to PfDF or PES 160 data format. DX reading to insure proper processing. Automatic separation of recyclable materials. Automatic film handling available. [W]

APS 24. Automatic Daylight splicing of IX 240 films with a machine performance of over 650 films per hour. Can be connected to PfDF or PES 160.1 data formats. Handles re order films as well as unprocessed film. [W]

AFN 2. Automatic notching of 35mm films at a rate of approximately 40,000 notches per hour. For negatives, slides and B&W films. [W]

Agfa Lab Server. For the processing of machine data to a host computer. Single network within a lab. Batch Management Computer (BMC) compatible. Connect machines of PfDF or PES 160.0/160.1 using the Agfa Converter. [W]

d-lab.3. Digital minilab printer/processor. This small format digital printing system can output image data on photographic paper, producing 1,700 prints per hour (4x6) with a resolution of 400 ppi. High resolution film scanner with color depth of 12 bits, scans negatives with six million pixels per color separation. Proven Digital Total Film Scan (d-TFS) print logic. [M,C,P,W]

MSC 300.d. C-41/b&w minilab printer/processor for print sizes from wallet through 8x12 35mm, APS, 110, 120/220. 1700 prints/hr. 4x6; 4 print formats at the touch of a button. [M,C,P,W]

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