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2000 Color Digital Printer Directory

2000 Color Digital Printer Directory

by Donna Rogers

This directory focuses on inkjet, laser, electrostatic, dye-sublimation, and photographic color printers capable of outputting digital files onto a variety of media. Consumer snapshot/postcard printers are not listed this year. Copier/printers are also excluded from this survey. Prices on printers were a determining factor as well: While many photo-quality, desktop-office inkjet printers have come down in price considerably without sacrificing quality (although models under $300 are likely not high volume machines but designed more for routine use), we had to view printers under $100 not as products a lab or minilab would use to provide output for their customers—hence these devices are not listed.

The information contained herein is based on data provided by the manufacturer/distributors of the respective products (or their agencies). We have done our best to weed out all the hype and present only the facts, which in some cases resulted in a scant few words being used in a product entry.

This year we have also seen the acquisition and realignment of several printer divisions. The past year saw Xeikon buying the Agfa Chromapress line. ColorSpan was acquired by MacDermid Graphic Arts and is now called MacDermid ColorSpan Inc. The current Xerox Office Printing Business is the former Color Printing Division at Tektronix, Minolta printers are now owned by QMS (who we couldn't touch base with after multiple attempts), and SignTech's wide format business (intermediately owned by Salsa Digital) is now the property of Nur America. In addition, Olympus and Polaroid will be joined efforts to announce a new printer/digital camera last month. And Brady USA Graphic Solutions is longer in the wide-format market. We included contact information wherever it was available.

Products are included based on suitability to this market and this product category, as well as criteria outlined above, and are subject to editorial judgment and discretion. While we made every attempt to accurately cover all appropriate printers, we are not responsible for errors or omissions, whether accidental, incidental or otherwise. Encad, Nur America and Primera did not respond in time to update their listings.

3M Commercial Graphics

651-736-9748; fax: 651-737-8692;

3M Scotchprint Printer 2000 System. Wide/large-format electrostatic; 54 inch wide; presentation & display papers from 70g to 180g, 400 to 1600 feet long; exterior poster paper 300 to 1200 feet long; Scotchcal & Controltac Plus direct printmarking films 50 to 400 yards long; Image Xfer Media 400 to 1600 feet long. Features/benefits: 36-45 GB hard drive on printer controller; 400 dpi, 2600 sq.ft/hr; 100 base T Ethernet connection; 4 or 5 heads; single pass. Applications: indoor/outdoor. $175,000.

3M Scotchprint 9512 Printer. Wide/large-format electrostatic; 36-inch wide media: presentation & display papers from 70g to 100g, 400-500 feet long; Image Xfer media 500 feet long; Scotchcal Direct print vinyl marking films 50 yards long. Features/benefits: 2 GB hard drive onboard; 400 dpi; 420 sq.ft/hr.; 4 heads; single pass. Applications: indoor/outdoor. $133,000.

Canon Computer Systems Inc.

714-438-3000; 800-OK-CANON; fax retrieval: 800-526-4345;

BJC-1000. Affordable printing; vibrant color for photo printing; sleek compact design.

BJC-2000. 4-color printing; drop modulation technology. Printer can instantly become a color sheet fed scanner with the optional IS-22 Color Image Scanner Cartridge.

BJC-5100. Dual-cartridge system; 7-color photo quality printing to 11x17 inches.

Canon USA, Inc.

516-328-5000/800-OK CANON; fax: 800-328-4282;

HyperPhoto System. Windows/Mac-compatible, featuring bubblejet technology. Outputs onto special HyperPhoto paper and other media at up to 1200 dpi from Zip, floppy, CD-ROM, and PC cards. Custom Edit Service Software allows custom template creations. Scans up to 30 frames/minute from 35mm/APS negs, transparencies, or reflective media. $29,900.

The HyperPhoto Digital Express. An integrated hardware and software system consisting of a Windows-based server with FD, CD-R and PCMCIA drivers, monitor, Digital Express Software, bubblejet printer and HS-100 film scanner; digitizes a variety of analog images, creates CDs, floppy disks or index prints and upload images to the Internet; also includes Photo Effects software, an image manipulation program developed by Canon Software Publishing.

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