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The Cutting Edge: New Product Focus
What's hot, and what's cool...

Nikon D200
Multicart equipment transporters
Epson Stylus Photo R220 and R340
Picture Porter digital photo album.
wide-format pen tablet
i-Visor Pro case
DryZone Rover Backpack
Parhelia APVe graphics card
DLO HomeDock
Adobe Photoshop CS2 Video on DVD Training Series
SimpleShare NAS device
150x Secure Digital card

1. Nikon ( announced their newest DSLR, the D200. Based on Nikon’s venerable D2x professional digital SLR camera, the D200 features a newly developed 10.2 effective megapixel Nikon DX Format CCD image sensor, a 2.5-inch LCD screen, a sophisticated 1005-pixel 3D Color Matrix Metering II system, an all new 11-area Autofocus system, advanced Wi-Fi image-transmission options, and an advanced image processing engine. It also has a power-up time of just 0.15 seconds, and a 50 millisecond shutter-release lag time.

2. MAC GROUP is rolling out Multicart ( equipment transporters. The carts, available in five sizes, feature a patented design that allows them to be quickly transformed into any of eight configurations using rails, load bars, and handles that hinge and slide into a variety of positions. Its “off-road” tires and tubular steel frame make it ideal for moving large equipment or cases from location to location, while its adjustability enables it to be folded down to a compact size for easy storage. Configuration possibilities include: two-wheel hand truck, four-wheel cart, furniture dolly, and platform cart.

3. Epson ( is debuting two new six-color printers, the Epson Stylus Photo R220 and R340. The R340 is a full-featured, PC-free printer that provides a convenient 2.4'' premium photo viewing monitor and memory card slots, while the R220 (left) offers 5760 x 1440 optimized dpi and achieves precision color and detail using ultra-fine ink droplets and Micro Piezo ink jet technology. Both printers share some improvements over previous products, such as better color saturation and the ability to print directly onto the surface of ink jet printable CDs and DVDs—from the center to the edge with no visible blank space.

4. Digital Foci ( introduced the Picture Porter digital photo album. The product comes with a built-in hard drive and card reader that let you instantly and securely save and view digital photos and video. Large, 20GB and 40GB hard-drive versions decrease the likelihood of running out of memory card space. Other features: a 2-inch color LCD, MP3 music player, output to TV, and bidirectional data transfer.

5. Wacom ( introduced the world’s first wide-format pen tablet specifically designed for professionals using multiple monitors or a widescreen display. The optimally sized Intuos3 6x11 (height-to-width) provides high-quality pen control and efficient use of the entire tablet. Combined with the Wacom Cintiq 21UX interactive pen display (available separately), the tablet enables users to navigate seamlessly across multiple monitors with a single pen. The Intuos3 Grip Pen, which features a 9/16" diameter front grip, is comfortable to hold, cordless, and battery-free. Intuos3 also features four programmable keys, called ExpressKeys, and a finger-sensitive Touch Strip that, together, offer quick access to modifier keys, button clicks, keystrokes, and scrolling/zooming operations. Furthermore, the tablet comes bundled with industry leading software, including: Adobe Photoshop Elements 3, Corel Painter Essentials 2, nik Color Efex Pro 2IE, and Wacom Brushes 2.

6. Seaport Digital’s ( i-Visor Pro case is the perfect case for “just in case” whether you typically shoot under bright studio lights or the desert sun. The case not only protects laptop computers, it doubles as a visor hood that guarantees high-quality monitor viewing under even the brightest lighting conditions. A slightly modified, lighter-weight version is also available for casual use.

7. Lowepro ( developed the DryZone Rover Backpack, the first of its kind to incorporate a hydration system with a camera-carrying solution. Designed for quick and easy access to equipment and personal gear in the upper compartment, the pack’s lower compartment is kept completely waterproof by utilizing a unique T-Zip EasySeal zipper and a rubber-coated nylon DryPod with heat-sealed seams. In addition to being buoyancy-certified to 35 pounds, the packs hydration system is a lightweight water reservoir made from strong, taste-free polyurethane with a capacity of up to 50 ounces, a Velcro-sealed mouth opening, and an EasyFlo Shut Off Bite Valve.

8. Matrox Graphics ( has created a new tool for digital photo editing and design, the Parhelia APVe graphics card. This 128MB PCI Express x16 graphics card features fully symmetric DualHead and Dual-DVI technology that provides loads of room to work with high-res images on one display, while a separate display houses all your palettes, toolbars, and menus. TripleHead output support is also provided by the card.

9. DLO ( released the DLO HomeDock, which includes everything needed to attach your iPod to your Home Stereo and TV to enjoy its music and pictures at home. It features a 14-function remote control to play your tunes from across the room. It also includes a standard AC plug to power and charge your iPod while docked. It even allows you to connect your iPod without removing it from its decorative iPod case. Also, according to the company, the iPod will sound surprisingly good through a set of travel speakers, the iboom, or a professional, high-fidelity home stereo system.

10. Software Cinema ( launched its latest Adobe Photoshop CS2 Video on DVD Training Series. Taught by award-winning photographer and lecturer Eddie Tapp, this 48-part series covers fundamental and advanced techniques for establishing workflow efficiency by utilizing Adobe Bridge and the Adobe Camera RAW plug-in. Separate DVDs are available, or they can be purchased in two- or three-DVD sets. The separate DVD titles are: Pro Techniques I CS2, which covers topics including scanner dust spotting, controlling moiré patterns, and noise reduction; Pro Techniques II CS2, which discusses advanced techniques including edge effects, portrait enhancements, and borders and rules. Pro Techniques I CS2 and II CS2 can also be purchased as a two-DVD set. Color Management CS2 is the third DVD, with topics covered including color spaces, color temperature, white balance, and device calibration.

11. SimpleTech ( released the SimpleShare NAS device. If you have more than one computer and need to share files, access printers, or just need enhanced storage capability, SimpleShare offers a simple solution. No network experience is required and you can start storing and sharing files with multiple users in your office or home immediately. SimpleTech’s NASfinder wizard provides automatic network drive mapping and configuration for easy setup and quick plug-and-play installation. Available in 160GB, 250GB or 400GB capacities, SimpleShare provides space to store everything from data files and applications to music, photos, and videos. SimpleShare NAS devices also include two USB 2.0 ports to allow for additional external hard drives or USB printers to be added.

12. Advanced Media Inc. ( has added the 150x Secure Digital card to its RIDATA brand of flash-memory products. Specifically engineered to meet the high-security capacity, performance, and environmental requirements inherent in emerging image, video, and audio consumer electronic devices, the card is one of the fastest available anywhere. It is offered in sizes up to 2GB and features cryptographic security for protecting copyrighted data, a user-selectable write-protect switch on the card casing, zero-power data retention, and automatic power-saving technology.