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Color Management: Which Tools Are Right For You? (Bonus Material)


In our recent article on Color Management tools by Rick Hatmaker of Chromix Inc., we noted that we would include some information online about another major player in the world of color management, ColorVision Inc. Following is an overview, and for more info, visit ColorVision's web site (

ColorVision Inc.'s Pro Tools

ColorVision Inc.'s professional level tools include the Spyder2 colorimeter, SpectroPRO, PrintFIX, ProfilerPRO and Doctor PRO. Various bundles, known as "Suites" are also available, and can be found on the company's website.

The company has other tools and bundles available for all levels of users, and some bundles even include a full version of Adobe Photoshop Elements 3. ColorVision has also introduced a number of products designed to calibrate home theater displays.

The Spyder2 Colorimeter is the company's newest monitor colorimeter, and it has been improved in a number of ways. It is easier to use with both CRTs and LCD displays, and the accuracy has been improved over the previous version. In my tests, I was able to achieve excellent results on a Mitsubishi 21'' CRT. and an NEC 19'' LCD. The help screens and step-by-step wizard interface make the process go very smoothly. My main complaint was the amount of time it takes the system to make a profile-which was about 15 minutes. This isn't such a big drawback though, since I ave found that the profiles hold up well over time and I generally don't see a need to calibrate and profile more than about once a month.

The Spyder2PRO Studio is an excellent bundle worth investigating. One standout piece of software included in the bundle is the recently updated Doctor PRO software, which is a profile editor that uses Adobe Photoshop's Actions feature. Most profile editors are more expensive, so this option is something to consider, along with other options from other companies.

As mentioned earlier in the article, a description of the full ColorVision line is available at

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