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"Customer-for-life" is a key philosophy of Professional Graphics Systems & Service Inc. (PGSS), and putting their customers' needs first has set this New York company apart from many other retailers in the graphic arts industry.

Founded in 1989, owners Karen Rice and Guy Livoti are still active in the company's operation, giving the business a true feel of experience. Karen and Guy met while both of them worked at the electronics engineering firm of Bartlett Associates and they helped form PGSS in 1989. Elaine Fickeria, the newest proprietor, joined PGSS in 1992 and became a shareholder in 1999.

The company's headquarters and warehouse is located in Elmsford, NY (Westchester), and customers are served from coast to coast.

Guy Livoti, Elaine Fickeria and Karen Rice in Professional Graphics' Elmsford, NY showroom

PGSS' two showrooms (one in Elmsford and another in Manhattan), have a combination of products focused to the needs of professional photographers, illustrators, designers, and others in the graphics industry. Product lines include Apple desktops, laptops, and displays, medium and large format inkjet printers, Xerox laser and solid-ink printers, Imacon scanners, software RIPs and many other types of hardware and software products.

Many equipment manufacturers work closely with the Prographics staff. Being an Epson Authorized PROfocus Dealer, they have a proven track record for being an achiever and can demonstrate, install and support Epson's full product line. They are also a Xerox Peak Elite dealer, as well as authorized dealers for many of the the product lines from Imacon, Fuji, Apple, Sony, HP, GTI, Seal, GretagMacbeth, ColorByte, ColorBurst, Ergosoft and many others. "Working closely with manufacturers has helped us to better understand each company's product line and thus, serve our clients better. We can often get quick answers and product replacements, if necessary, because we know who to call and what questions to ask." says Guy Livoti. He adds, "The average salesperson at PGSS has about 20 years of experience in the industry. Bringing more of a consultant role to the table, they are a wealth of knowledge to the customer. Two professional photographers are on staff who own many of the products sold by PGSS. They use the hardware and software on a daily basis and this has proved a valuable resource to our customers, who have benefitted from their experience with and interest in the products."

Another way PGSS sets themselves apart from others in the industry is their relationship with their customers, from purchase to installation to training and support. Important to them is the customer being able to make an informed decision prior to purchase. As mentioned before, their 'Customer-for-life' philosophy is designed to establish a long-term relationship by providing ongoing graphics solutions and support.

"Although I was prepared to spend twice as much on a higher resolution scanner, the people at Professional Graphics said, in effect, I would be wasting my money. To prove the point they made two scans with the units and a large side by side print. They were right. This is not the kind of advice one would normally expect from a dealer," said Robert K. Sharpe, Academy Award nominated filmmaker.

Knowing in this industry deadlines must be met, PGSS almost always ships orders the same day they come in and in many cases, they will hand deliver shipments the same day if a customer has an emergency and is within their delivery area. For such occasions, their warehouse stocks a full line of printers as well as a wide range of consumables, such as laser toner and inkjet ink and paper.

Their customer support goes far beyond the point of sale, including installation and training for the products they sell. Periodic educational seminars inform customers of new and available technologies. In the past two years, seminars have focused on the latest from Epson, Imacon, and Xerox to name a few. Some of the products the staff is excited about include the new Epson Stylus Pro 4000, with up to a 17" wide paper path. Another great product is the Imacon 949 with drum-scan quality and 200MB per minute scan speed.

If you happen to be in the neighborhood, call ahead and stop in; they will be more then happy to talk shop. For more information, call 800-344-0855 or visit