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Unique uses for canvas: album covers

Photo by Jennifer Mayo

Photo by Jennifer Mayo

Photo by Jennifer Mayo

Here at Jennifer Mayo Studios, we strive to create works of art for each of our wedding clients. Most of our clients walk away with a one-of-a-kind fine-art book that tells the story of the most important day of their lives with the images we've created. I work hard to ensure that, from capture to print, our images are of the best quality and are presented in a way that's not just a visual record of the day, but rather a creative presentation of the emotion and uniqueness of each event. Consequently, it is important to design albums that are as distinctive as each wedding we photograph. That is why Finao and White House Custom Colour (WHCC) are the perfect fit for our studio.

We've been a customer of Finao since the company first opened its doors. Our clients love that we can custom-design a canvas photo cover utilizing text and images from their wedding.

These features really make a difference, because we're no longer restricted to boring single-image indentations on standard black-leather covers. The design possibilities with the Finao ONE album are endless. With the ONE album, we're able to give our clients more options than any other album line I've come across (and, most importantly, without having to compromise on quality or customer service).

Cover options, in particular, abound with the Finao ONE album. From simple single-color leathers to multiple configurations on their tooTone! leathers, and one of my favorites, the Metallic Canvas photo covers printed by WHCC, I enjoy incorporating images on the canvas covers that give a clue to what will be found inside--without giving away the entire story. For example, we can design a cover featuring the bride's shoes, the groom's hand at the small of the bride's back, or even the hood ornament from the couple's "getaway" car. Then we have the option to include text.

It doesn't just have to be the couple's names and wedding date foil-stamped in the bottom-right corner with only one or two font options anymore. With Finao we can include vows, a special poem, or nothing at all, making the cover all about the photography. 

Many couples are now using a custom monogram or "logo" of sorts as a theme throughout the design of their entire wedding. We are able to acquire those design files after the wedding and incorporate them into the design of the album as well. All of the design features make the couples feel like their wedding album is really tailored to them, which is something a standard photo album cannot offer.

Overall, the process is seamless for creating canvas photo covers for our studio and our clients. Finao partners with WHCC for printing both the covers and interior pages. All we have to do is upload our image files to Finao when placing our order, and they take care of the rest. One order, one invoice--it's that simple.

Jennifer Mayo, principal photographic artist of Jennifer Mayo Studios (, Coloma, MI, fell in love with photography while in college. To Mayo, a photograph is more than an image. It is a single moment in time, the expression of emotion that cannot truly be appreciated without removing the element of time. She approaches every photography assignment with the same philosophy. For more information on WHCC, check out For more information on Finao, visit