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My Fashion Photography Workshop with CLAUDIO BASSO
A Reality Training Weekend

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Claudio Basso

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Claudio Basso

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Claudio Basso

Not that Claudio was intimidating, because he was not, at least not intentionally. His style was very approachable, but I suppose he couldn’t help but inspire some shyness just by virtue of his amazing talent and long list of accomplishments. Nevertheless eight brave participants took camera in hand and had at it, their images showing up on two tethered Macs where the rest of us could scrutinize them. The atmosphere was relaxed and input was welcomed. The pointers Claudio gave each photographer were candid without being abrasive, and helpful without even a hint of condescension.

Prior to the shoot portion of the day, we were introduced to each member of the creative team who had a chance to give us insight into their particular area of expertise. This was conducted in a talk-show type of forum that was actually taped. We definitely emerged with a better understanding of the importance of each member, besides realizing that in order to have meaningful shoots resulting in portfolio-quality images we had to go back home and assemble just such a team. Superb fashion photography is a team effort, no doubt. Hair, make-up, clothes, lighting, technical points, equipment and lighting, the choice of models, all of it, are part of Claudio’s “Perpetual Circle of Creation.” Thought and pre-planning are essential, as well as a high degree of self-discipline.

The two days flew by, jam-packed with new knowledge and information that we could take home and immediately apply. If any of us arrived with no idea of what this whole fashion photography gig was all about, we certainly didn’t leave in the same condition. Claudio was thorough and concise. His wife was organized and delightful. The group was small enough that everyone could really interact with him and ask any questions at any time. The amazing studio space made us feel like we died and went to heaven. We made friends and we exchanged info. And many of us signed up for Claudio’s “Platinum Book” workshop, an intense two days of hands-on set-up and shooting which will result in killer images for our portfolios – the point of the workshop. “Imagine that you are the photographer with me at your side as your technical advisor and art director. That is what Platinum Book is all about, and the images you will go home with.”

Did I register for Platinum Book?

You bet I did.

And if you’re not there, I’ll be sure to tell you all about it.

Excerpt from Claudio’s website bio. – “Born in Paris in 1959, Claudio Basso has had an impressive volume of work published across four continents. His professional career started in Milan mentored by Alberto Nodolini, the renowned Art Director of Italian Vogue. From Milan to London, Paris and New York Claudio created editorial for prestigious magazines such as American Vogue, New York Woman, French Elle, Italian Vogue, Vanity, Bazaar, Amica and Grazia. The elegance of his work also contributed to such prominent catalogues as Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, Bonwitt Teller and the German Otto Versand…and recognized in Japan for the Max Factor cosmetic campaign and in Greece and Brazil for his stunning Elle covers.”

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