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Global Printing Inks Industry

Global Printing Inks Industry

Global Printing Inks Industry

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NEW YORK, May 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue:

Global Printing Inks Industry

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Printing Inks in US$ Million and Thousands of Tons by the following Product Segments: Lithographic Inks, Flexographic Inks, Gravure Inks, Letterpress Inks, Digital Inks, and Other Inks.

The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and Latin America. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2010 through 2018. Also, a six-year historic analysis is provided for these markets.

The report profiles 195 companies including many key and niche players such as Dainichiseika Color & Chemicals Mfg. Co., Ltd., DIC Corporation, Sun Chemical Corp., Flint Group, Sakata Inx Corporation, INX International Ink Co., SAKATA Inx (INDIA) Limited, Siegwerk Druckfarben AG & Co. KGaA, T & K Toka Co. Ltd., and Tokyo Printing Ink Mfg., Co.Ltd. Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. Company profiles are primarily based upon search engine sources in the public domain.

Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations I-1
Disclaimers I-2
Data Interpretation & Reporting Level I-2
Quantitative Techniques & Analytics I-3
Product Definitions and Scope of Study I-3
Lithographic Inks I-3
Flexographic Inks I-4
Gravure Inks I-4
Digital Printing Inks I-4
Other Inks I-4


Printing Inks Industry: A Preface II-1
Current Scenario: Optimism Tempered by Uncertainty II-1
Rising Raw Material Prices: The Major Cause of Worry for
Printing Ink Manufacturers II-2
Table 1: Prices of Select Raw Materials (In US$/Mt) for Years
2008-2012 II-3
Supply Gets Tighter II-3
Future Growth Prospects II-4
Current & Future Analysis II-4
Value Analysis II-4
Volume Analysis II-5
Developed Markets: Losing Sheen II-5
Future Prospects: Down but Not Out II-6
Developing Markets to Uncover True Potential II-6
Rising Global Profile of the Printing Ink Industry II-7
Challenges of Going Global II-7

Synthetic Alternatives: Order of the Day II-8
R&D Witnesses Buoyant Growth amid Economic Vagaries II-8
New Technologies to Reinvigorate Sales II-8
Nanographic Printing II-8
Graphene conductive packaging ink II-9
Waterless printing II-9
High-fidelity Color Control II-9
Thermal inkjet printing II-9
Modern Innovations: the Industry's Saving Grace II-9
UV-Curable Ink: Changing the Market's Revenue Quotient II-10
LED Curing: Gaining Widespread Popularity II-10
UV and EB Inks: The Bucks Start Here II-11
Printer Ink Refills Market: An Overview II-11
Environment-Friendly Packaging and Printing inks: Gaining
Momentum II-12
Biodegradable Inks- The Way to Go II-12
EX-IM Data for Inks II-13
Table 2: Leading Exporters of Printing, Writing or Drawing
Inks Worldwide (2011): Percentage Breakdown of Export Value
by Country (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-13

Table 3: Leading Importers of Printing, Writing or Drawing
Inks Worldwide (2011): Percentage Breakdown of Import Value
by Country (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-13

Lithography Inks II-14
Recession Throws Commercial Sheetfed Printing into Distress II-14
Flexography Inks II-14
Flexography Makes Inroads into Other Inks' Share II-14
Impact of Recession on Flexo Ink Market II-14
UV and EB Inks-Unaffected by the Recession II-15
Growth Prospects for Flexo Technology II-15
Gravure Inks II-15
Mature Growth on the Cards for Gravure Inks II-15
Gravure Inks: A Regional Perspective II-16
Gravure Printers Hit by Recession II-16
Digital Inks II-16
A Focus on Inkjet Inks II-16
Inkjet Printing Market: Going Strong II-16
Challenges II-17
Opportunities II-17
Trends in the Ink-Jet Printing Market II-17
Wide-Format Markets - Emerging Sector II-17
UV Curable Inks - Gaining New Interest II-18
Digital Photography - Creating Significant Impact II-18
Corrugated Industry - Another Prospective Market II-18
Textiles - Provide Exciting Opportunities II-18
Future Prospects: Bright and Bountiful II-19
Market Highlights II-19
Trends in Digital Printing inks II-19
Water-Based Inks II-20
Solvent-Based Inks II-20
Eco-Ethyl Ink II-20
Sublimation Ink II-20
Corporate Alliances in the Inkjet Business II-20

Publication & Commercial Printing Industry: Slowing Down II-21
Publication Ink Market at a Glance II-21
The Magazine Segment II-21
The Newspaper Segment II-22
Recession Casts its Spell on Publication Ink Market II-22
Asia: The Lone Region Posting Strong Growth II-22
Packaging Industry: Pepping Up II-23
Packaging Ink Market: A Review II-23

Major Market Participants II-24
Table 4: Leading Manufacturers of Printing Inks Worldwide
(2012): Percentage Breakdown of Value Sales for DIC, Flint
Group, Toyo Ink SC HD, Sakata Inx, Siegwerk Group, Huber
Group and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-24
World Printing Inks Industry: Key Products of Leading
Printing Ink Companies II-24
Consolidation Activity II-25
Select Key Acquisitions in the Global Printing Inks
Industry: 2007-2012 II-25

Current Scenario II-26
Impact of Recession in Retrospect II-26
Recession Turns the Market Price-Sensitive II-27
Packaging Printing Sector: The Sole Bright Spot amid the Gloom II-27
Novel Strategies Emerge During Recession II-27
Other Noteworthy Trends and Issues II-27
Incorporation of Hybrid Printing II-28
Digitization of Workflow II-28
Demand Shift towards Digital Print Media II-28

Evolution of Printing in Relief II-29
Components of Printing Inks II-29
Classification of Inks by Process II-29
End-Use Applications II-30
Packaging Industry II-30
Commercial Printing Industry II-30
Publication Ink: Battling Lethargy II-31
What's Ailing the Publication Industry? II-31
Increasing Ad Spends: The Only Ray of Hope II-31
Newspaper Industry Makes a Last Ditch Effort to Rise above
the Crises II-31
Innovations in Publication Ink Bodes the Promise of a Revival II-31
Detailed Insight into Ink Segments II-31
A. Lithographic Inks II-31
Description II-31
Lithographic Presses and Printing II-32
Unit-Design II-32
Common Impression Cylinder Design II-32
Blanket-to-Blanket Design II-32
Sub-Processes in Lithography II-32
Sheetfed Offset Process II-33
Heatset Web Offset Process II-33
Non-Heatset Web Offset II-33
The Process II-33
Plates Use in Lithographic Printing II-34
Surface Plates II-34
Deep-etch Plates II-34
Bi-Metal Plates II-34
B. Flexographic Inks II-34
Definition II-34
Advantages II-35
Types II-35
Solvent Inks II-35
Water-Based Inks II-35
Other Types II-36
Laminating Inks II-36
Energy-Curable Inks II-36
UV Flexo II-37
Advantages II-37
Electron Beam Inks II-37
The Process II-37
Platemaking II-37
Presses and Printing II-38
Central Impression Cylinder (CIC) II-38
In-line Flexography Presses II-38
Newspaper Flexographic Presses II-38
Commercial Publication Flexographic Presses II-38
C. Gravure Inks II-39
Description II-39
Types of Gravure Inks & their Applications II-39
The Process II-39
Gravure Presses and Printing II-40
Gravure Cylinder Making (Gravure) II-40
Types of Etching for Different Purposes II-41
Types of Gravure Printing Based on Substrate II-41
Publication Gravure II-41
Packaging Gravure II-42
Product Gravure II-42
Applications of Gravure Inks II-42
End-Use Markets II-43
Folding Cartons II-43
Flexible Packaging II-43
Specialty Sector II-43
Rotogravure Inks II-43
Types of Rotogravure Inks II-43
Intaglio II-44
D. Digital Printing Inks II-44
Definition II-44
Overview II-45
Who Makes Inkjet Printing Inks II-45
E. Others II-45
Letterpress Printing Inks II-45
The Process II-45
Letterpress Platemaking II-46
Original Plates II-46
Duplicate Plates II-46
Letterpress Presses and Printing II-46
Platen Presses II-46
Flat-Bed Presses II-47
Rotary Presses II-47
Special Types of Inks II-47
Solvent-Based Evaporating Inks II-47
Two-Part or Reactive (Catalyst Curing) Inks II-48
Oxidation-Drying Inks II-48
Baking Inks II-48
Sublimation Inks II-48
Ceramic and Glass Thermoplastic Inks II-49
Other Categories of Specialty Inks II-49
Metallic Inks II-49
Watercolor Inks II-49
Cold-Set Inks II-50
Magnetic Inks II-50
Invisible Inks II-50
Specialty Inks in Packaging II-51
Drawbacks II-51
Hybrid Inks II-51
Benefits II-52
Evolution of Hybrid Inks II-52
Use of Hybrid Inks in Plastics II-53
Vegetable Oil Based Inks II-53
Soy-Based Printing Inks II-53
Benefits II-53
Applications II-53
In Lithographic Printing II-53
In Flexographic Printing II-54
Newsprint Recycling II-54
Different Series of Oil Based Inks II-54
Imagelith 1NK II-54
Imagelith II-54
Imagelith Plus II-54
Energy Curable Inks II-55
UV Cured Inks II-55
Flexmate Line of Ultraviolet Curable Inks II-55
An Overview of Printing Processes II-55
Lithography II-55
Gravure II-56
Flexography II-56
Other Plateless Printing Processes II-56
Prepress Operations: An Introduction II-56
Typesetting and Composition II-56
Copy Assembly and Process Photography II-56
Image Carrier Preparation II-57
Relief Printing II-57
Planographic Printing II-57
Intaglio Printing II-57
Screen Printing II-57
Plateless Processes II-57
Image carrier preparation is mainly done through two
processes II-58
Image Carrier Preparations II-58
Press Operations II-58
Postpress Operations II-58
Binding II-58
Screen Printing Inks II-58
Applications II-59
Product Categories II-59

Pigments II-60
A Key Constituent Used in Printing Inks II-60
Primary Makers of Pigments II-60
Organic Pigments II-60
Market Participants II-60
Organic Pigment Powders II-61
Synthetic Organic Pigments II-61
Types of Organic Pigments Based on Quality II-61
Flush Quality II-61
Dispersion Quality II-61
Microencapsulated Quality II-61
Press Cake Quality II-61
Toner Quality Powder II-61
Classification of Organic Pigments Based on Color II-61
Fluorescent Organic Pigments II-62
Inorganic Pigments II-62
Physical Properties II-62
Types of Inorganic Pigments II-62
Carbon Black II-62
Frankfurt Black II-63
Extenders and Fillers II-63
Metallic Pigments II-63
Luminescent Type Pigments II-63
Pearlescent Pigments II-63
Industry Trends II-64
Resins II-64
Overview II-64
Potential Market II-64
Polyvinyl Butyral Resins Family II-64
Sulfopolyester Resins II-65
Applications II-65
Features of Pre and Post Metallization Primers II-65

Need to Reduce Usage of Solvents in Inks II-66
Role of EPA in Regulating the Use of Flexo Inks II-66
Waste Ink Dilemma II-67
Oil Retention in Inks: A Crucial Issue II-67
Drive Towards Controlling VOC Emissions II-67

Videojet Technologies Unveils WLK660072 Ink for Wolke Thermal
Ink Jet and 8510 Printer Ranges II-68
INX International Ink Introduces AquaTech IONTM Label Ink
Systems II-68
Haydale UnveilsHDPlas™ Graphene Based Inks Range II-69
Sun Chemical Introduces Madden Triumph Lithographic Inks II-69
Pulse Roll Label Products to Launch Range of Varnishes and Inks II-69
Inkstream to Introduce Range of UVM Flexo Inks II-70
Frimpeks Introduces Expleo UV Flexo Ink Range II-70
SunJet Unveils EtiJet LM UV Ink Range II-70
Sun Chemical Launches SunLit® Crystal Ink Solution II-70
Seiko I Infotech to Introduce Neon Inks II-71
Sepiax Ink Technology Launches Aquares 3.0 Resin Ink Technology II-71
Sun Chemical Unveils Streamline Range of Inks II-71
Xennia Technology Introduces Zircon Digital Ink Set II-72
Bordeaux Digital Printink Rolls Out PRDS Wide-Format Inkjet
Solutions II-72
Jay Chemical Industries Introduces Antelos Digital Textile
Printing Inks II-72
Domino Printing Sciences Launches 299BK Black Ink for A-
Series CIJ Printers Range II-73
Flint Group Introduces New PluriTech Shrink-U Ink System II-73
NuSil Technology Launches New Medical Grade Silicone Inks Series II-73
Videojet Technologies Launches V492-C Light Blue and V402
Dark Gray Inks II-73
Superior Printing Ink Introduces Water-based Flexographic Ink
Program II-74
Ricoh Unveils Photo-Curable Inkjet Ink II-74
Sun Chemical Unveils SunUno Solimax Ink System II-75
GJS Machinery Introduces M-TT Water Based Modified Pigment Inks II-75
Intrinsiq Materials Develops Copper Ink for Paper Substrate II-75
Trident Launches New Inkjet Printhead and Ink II-75
Xennia Develops New Reactive Dye Ink XenInx Amethyst II-76
SouthWest Nano Technologies Launches Carbon Nanotube Ink II-76
Global Imaging Launches Panoply Inks II-76
Color-Logic Launches BEST Silver Ink II-76
Mimaki Announces Addition of New Clear Ink to LH-100 series II-76
Sawgrass Rolls out Three Ink Shades for EPSON 4880 Printers II-77
AT Inks Launches New Eco Solvent Inks II-77
Flint Unveils New Range of Inks with Low Migration Properties II-77
BASF Launches New Technology Ink for Food Packaging II-77
Toyo Ink Develops Environment Friendly Vantean Eco Lio Inks II-77
INX Digital Extends TRIANGLE® Brand with PDQ Inks II-78
Pulse Roll Label Products Introduces UV Curable Combi SF for
Rotary Screen Printing II-78
Arrow Digital Launches UV Curable Virtu Ink Series II-78
Sun Chemical to Expand its Streamline Portfolio of Digital Inks II-79
Videojet Launches LC-Pro UV-Curable Ink II-79
Sun Chemicals Unveils an Extensive Range of Coating Products
and Inks II-79
Flint Group Introduces the PremoFilm ETS Ink System for
Merchandise Bags II-80
INX International Launches Two Novel Metal Decorating Inks II-80
Hybrid Services Launches Clear Ink for Wide-Format Printers II-80
Bordeaux to Showcase Novel Ink Solutions for Wide-Format
Inkjet Printers II-81
HP Malaysia Launches Ink Advantage II-81
Sun Chemical Unveils a Comprehensive Array of Ink Solutions
for Metal Decoration II-81
Domino Printing Sciences Unveils BK107 Black Ink for G-Series
TIJ Printers Range II-81
Jaysynth Dyestuffs Introduces Digifix Inks II-82
Nazdar Unveils Lyson 213 Series Inks II-82
Electronics For Imaging and 3M Introduce Co-Branded UV Ink II-83
Flint Group Unveils Flexocure ANCORA Ink Range II-83
Flint Group Launches BioCure F UV Flexo Ink System II-83
International Coatings Launches an Innovative Special-effects
Ink II-84
Sun Chemical Launches CXX Array of Formable Inks Meant for 3D
Appliqués II-84
Nazdar Launches Novel Lyson Digital Inks II-84
Standard Coating Enters Inkjet Domain with the Launch of
Direct-to-Garment T-Print Ink II-85
Flint Group Launches New Water-based Series of Flexo Inks II-85
GSB Launches White Ink for HP5500 Indigo Press II-85
Pulse Launches a New Series of High-Performance Metallic Inks II-86
Intrinsiq Materials Introduces Innovative Copper Ink for
Inkjet Printers II-86
Xennia Introduces XenInx Onyx, a Metallic Ink for Decorative
Digital Applications II-86
Sawgrass Technologies Launches MxF Ink for Printing Nylon
Banners and Flags II-86
Green Ink Practices Environment Saving Production Process II-87
Van Son Holland Ink Adds New Vs1 Ink to the Vs Series II-87
Mimaki Adds Silver Ink to ES3 Ink Portfolio II-87
Kodak Releases New Red Fluorescing Dry Ink II-88
Bayer Unveils Conductive Inks II-88
International Coatings Launches Centris Range of Non-
Phthalate Inks II-89
INX Digital Unveils Range of ECO Solvent Inks II-89
Squid Ink Launches SI-PZ1800 II-89
Xennia Technology Releases XenInx Diamond II-90
Reprographic Technology Launches Alternative Inks II-90
Sun Chemical to Introduce a Wave of Innovative Products II-91
SunRay Scientific Introduces NANOGLOW™ II-92
Bayer Showcases Conductive Inks for Use in Printed Electronics II-92
Flint Rolls Out New Bio-Renewable Printing Products II-93
Graphics One Launches the Versatile SEPIAX Ink in the
American Region II-93
SIGNiX Integrates Digital Signature Technology into zipForm
of zipLogix II-93
INX Digital to Showcase AXB BIO Formulated Ink II-93
Agfa Graphics Unveils a New Range of Inkjet Press Inks II-94
Van Son Unveils an Offset Litho Ink Range II-94
Kornit Digital Launches Direct-On-Garment Printer II-94
INX Digital International Launches Triangle™ Brand HPS Inks II-95
INX Digital International Launches Triangle™ JVS Inks II-95
INX Digital International Launches Triangle™ Brand Aqueous Inks II-95

Cytec Launches a New Resin for UV Inks Formulation II-96
FLINT GROUP Launches FORCE UV-Flexographic Printing Inks II-96
Matthews Marking Products Launches New Range of Black Inks II-96
Nazdar Introduces W500 Series Ink II-96
Actega Rhenania Unveils PUR Adhesives II-96
DSM NeoResins+ Launches NeoRez U-430) II-97
Oxea Unveils Novel Chemical di-octyladipate II-97
Tirupati Inks Introduces EcoAquva and EcoImpex Inks II-97
Sun Chemical Introduces New Range of Sheetfed Offset Inks II-97
Sun Chemical Launches SolarFlex® Nova II-97
Chisso Develops Photocurable and Polyimide Dielectric Inks II-98
Nazdar Releases Uniform Labeling System II-98
Sakata Rolls Out XJS Series II-98
Sun Chemical Introduces Sunguard II-98
Sun Chemical Releases Optima Digital Solvent Inks II-99
INX International Ink Launches EcoTech™ Brand Color Inks II-99
Siegwerk Switzerland Launches LED-UV Label Printing Ink Systems II-99
Toyo Ink Manufacturing America Launches LIOJET™ Inkjet Inks II-99
Toyo Ink Manufacturing America Launches AquaLiona™ Flexo
Lamination Inks II-99
Flint Group Unveils PolarTek Laminating Ink II-100
Flint Group to Launch PremoKing Heatset Inks II-100
Van Son Expands Vs Series Ink Product Line II-100
Ink Technologies Introduces Next-generation Eco Solvent Ink
"EVOSol" II-101
Superior Printing Launches Biolocity Sheetfed Inks II-101
Sun Chemical Launches Color-Change Ink Series "Sunlase" II-101
Megaink Digital Launches 4th generation BioMG Inks II-102
HP Unveils New Ink Formulations for Low Solvent Printers II-102
Zeller+Gmelin's New Uvalux U3 Offers Enhanced Capabilities II-102
MGI Digital Plans to Launch Range of Digital Presses and
Inkjet Products II-103
Hexion Specialty Introduces HexiStretch™ UV-Curable Inkjet Inks II-103
Sartomer Unveils 'CN9167US' Aromatic Urethane Acrylate II-103
Kohl & Madden Introduce Earth Series Sheetfed Inks II-103
Sun Chemical Rolls Out Diamond Inks II-104
Superior Printing Announces Upgraded Portfolio of UV Sheetfed
Inks II-104
Nazdar Unveils Lyson TX6500 Series Water-Based Digital Dye
Sublimation Inks II-104
Sun Chemical Introduces New Commercial Sheetfed Inks and
Other Products II-105
Sun Chemical Plans to Unveil New Innovative Technologies II-105
US Ink Launches Aqua News® Spectra Black™ II-105
Ciba Unveils Ciba® IRGASTAR™ GF Inks II-105
Dow Corning Unveils Ink Technology, Silicone-Based Inks, "
Smart" Textile II-105
Sun Introduces Suncure Lazer II-106
SunJet Unveils UV Cured Inks II-106
Superior Printing Ink Rolls out EVOLOCITY II-106
Sun Chemical Unveils Pioneering 'Eco-friendly' UV Ink II-106
INX International Launches Belle Color™ II-107
RUCO Druckfarben Unveils 935UV Ink Line II-107
RUCO Druckfarben Launches Opaque White Inks for Blue-Ray Discs II-108
Toyo Ink Unveils 3 Additions of Kaleido Ink™ Series II-108
Ciba Rolls Out New Range of Stylings II-109
Sun Chemical Announces Novel Ink Solutions for Digital,
Screen Printers II-109
Sun Chemical Introduces Water-based Inks II-110
Cytec Industries Announces the Launch of Novel Adhesives and
Coatings II-110
Sakata Inks Introduces Fast Drying Offset Printing Inks II-110
KMA Global Solutions Offers Dual-color Capability to DUALTag
Products II-111
Chisso Corp Develops Inks for Insulation Purposes II-111
Tego Coating Additives & Specialty Resins Introduces Unique
Polyurethane Polyols II-111
RUCO Exhibits Printing Ink Series II-111
RUCO Exhibits Unique Three-in-one Combination Series II-112

Toyo Ink Merges Toyo Ink Mfg. America with Toyo Ink America II-113
Merck Inks Agreement with Seiko Epson II-113
Suzhou Kingswood Printing Inks Takes Over Brancher II-114
Rutland Holdings Takes Over Sociedad Quimica Alemana II-114
Tech8 to Merge with Colorific II-114
Superior Printing Ink Takes Over Ink Makers II-114
DIC to Acquire Pacific Inks II-114
ALTANA to Acquire Color Chemie II-115
Xennia Technology Signs Partnership Agreement with Ynvisible II-115
InkTec and Sawgrass Technologies Ink License Deal for
Sublimation Technology II-115
RR Donnelley Enters into Technology Partnership with KBA II-116
Plextronics and Sanyo Chemical Industries Sign OLED Lighting
Distribution Agreement II-116
Showa Denko to Produce and Market NovaCentrix's Conductive Inks II-116
Yissum Research Development Signs Licensing and Research Deal
with Vaxan Steel II-117
Bordeaux Digital PrintInk Signs Distribution Agreement with LFDP II-117
Mosley Holding Takes Over Graphic Sciences II-117
Resinall Rütgers Resins Acquires Neville Chemical Europe II-117
Rutland Plastic Technologies Forms Joint Venture with Dhaval
Colour Chem II-118
Hapa Takes Over Gottscho Printing Systems II-118
Canon, Océ to Merge their Printer Divisions II-119
Consolidated Graphics to Acquire RT Associates II-119
Siegwerk Takes Over Environmental Inks and Coatings II-119
Xennia Signs OEM Agreement with Tecno Italia II-119
Xaar Selects Colorobbia Espana and Colorobbia Italia II-120
Pelikan Collaborates with Linoprint II-120
Dow Corning Collaborates with Vapor Apparel, M&R Equipment
and Lon Winters II-120
Sun Chemical Signs Distribution Agreement with Ultrachem II-121
Flint Group Takes Over Torda II-121
Dorf Ketal Chemicals Takes over DuPont's Specialty Catalysts
Business II-122
Toyo Ink Technologies to Acquire Fluid Ink Technology Assets II-122
ChemChina Inks Agreement with Cabot II-122

Sun Chemical Takes Over Handschy II-123
Videojet Technologies Acquires Wolke Inks II-123
Ruetgers and Resinall Establishes Joint Venture II-123
Triangle Digital to Collaborate with Anteprima and Megaink II-123
Sakata Inx Establishes New Manufacturing Facility II-123
HP and R.R. Donnelley to Collaborate II-124
DIC Inks Joint Venture Agreement with Dai Nippon and the Inctec II-124
INX International Establishes New Field Operations Office II-124
Altana Acquires Water Ink Technologies II-125
Sun Chemical Establishes New Color Manufacturing Facility II-125
Sun Chemical Unveils Global Brand Names for Sheetfed Inks II-125
BASF Acquires Ciba Holding II-126
Sakata Inks Agreement with Megaink Digital II-126
Peter Mulheran Acquires Sani-Blast II-126
INX International Commences UV Ink Production in Bangkok II-126
Dainippon Ink and Chemicals Becomes DIC Corporation II-126
DIC Plans to Establish a New Printing Facility in India II-126
Nazdar Announces Global Digital Ink Partnership with Xaar II-127
Flint Group Unveils a New Flexographic Products Division II-127
Sakata International Plans Merger of Water-based Printing Inks II-127
XSYS Print Solutions Renames as Flint Group Narrow Web II-128
Ciba to Acquire Lamberti Group II-128
INX International Takes Over Innovative Solutions II-128
Micro Solutions Acquires Greenman Group II-128
Micro Inks Takes Over USA's Huber Group II-128
RDS Acquisition Corp Takes Over Rapid Refill Ink
International for US$1.5 million II-129
EPI Acquires Stake in ICI II-129
Evonik Takes Over the Remaining Stake in Degussa II-129
Altana Acquires Wolstenholme for 24 million Euros II-129
OM Group in US Acquires Lanxess's Borchers unit II-129
Flint Group Invests in a Novel Printing press II-130
Toyo Ink Enters into a Joint Venture with TechNova II-130
Spinks India Ties up with Global Partners to Sell Printing
Products II-130
Sakata Inx Plans to Increase Printing Ink capacity in India II-130
Sakata Inx Announces Initiation of Information-sharing Among
Asian Units II-130
Applied DNA Sciences Enters into an Agreement with Printcolor II-130
Atrion International Signs a Multi-year Agreement with Flint
Group II-131
Sinopec Partners with BP PLC to Start Constructing Facility
at Nanjing II-131
Sun Chemical Starts a New Gravure Printing Ink Facility in
Rochdale II-131

Dainichiseika Color & Chemicals Mfg. Co., Ltd. (Japan) II-132
DIC Corporation (Japan) II-132
Sun Chemical Corp. (US) II-133
Flint Group (Luxembourg) II-133
Sakata Inx Corporation (Japan) II-134
INX International Ink Co. (US) II-135
SAKATA Inx (INDIA) Limited II-135
Siegwerk Druckfarben AG & Co. KGaA (Germany) II-136
T & K Toka Co. Ltd. (Japan) II-136
Tokyo Printing Ink Mfg. Co. Ltd. (Japan) II-137

A. Volume Analytics II-138
Table 5: World Recent Past, Current & Future Analysis for
Printing Inks by Geographic Region - US, Canada, Japan,
Europe, Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan), Middle East, and
Latin America Markets Independently Analyzed with Annual
Volume Sales in Thousand Tons for Years 2010 through 2018
(includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-138

Table 6: World Historic Review for Printing Inks by
Geographic Region - US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific

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