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Mouse Embryo Captures Top Honors At Nikon Small World

Coiled radula of Patella vulgaris (mollusk) (20x)

Polarized Light 14th Place Christian Gautier BIOS/PHONE Photo Agency Avignon, France Cedrus atlantica (cedar) leaf crosscut (200x) Polarized Light 15th Place Rodrigo Mexas Oswaldo Cruz Foundation Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Trematode sp. (parasitic worm) (400x)

Differential Interference Contrast

16th Place

Steven Valley

Oregon Department of Agriculture, Plant Division

Salem, Oregon, USA

Mimetidae sp. (spider) egg case (30x)


17th Place

Dr. Jeffery Bowen

Bridgewater State College

Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA

Kaleidofly of a Halloween Pennant (dragonfly) (1x)


18th Place

Klaus Bolte

Natural Resources Canada

Ottawa , Ontario, Canada

Amisega floridensis (parasitic wasp) (90x)


19th Place

Viktor Sykora

Institute of Pathophysiology, First Medical Faculty

Charles UniversityPrague, Czech Republic

Epilobium parviflorum (small-flowered willowherb) seeds (10x)

Stereomicroscopy, Darkfield

20th Place

Dr. Matthew Hooge

Portland , Oregon, USA

Clione sp. (planktonic mollusk) larva (40x)

Differential Interference Contrast


Jesper Gronne

Silkeborg, Denmark

Cluster of snow crystals (snowflakes) (10x)

Polarized Light Vera Hunnekuhl Department of Zoology University of Osnabruck Osnabruck, Germany

Erpobdella octoculata (fresh water leech) (10x)


Dr. Daniel Kalman (Emory University)

Patrick Reeves (Emory University)

Katie Ris-Vicari (Nature Medicine)

Cell infected with poxvirus (630x)


Rafal Klajn

Department of Chemical Engineering

Northwestern University

Evanston, Illinois, USA

Liesegang rings obtained by reacting silver and dichromate ions (40x)


Milan Kosanovic

Belgrade , Serbia

Evaporated copper-sulphate solution on paper figure (1x)

Polarized Light Dr. Pascale Lacor Northwestern University Evanston, Illinois, USA Mature rat hippocampal neurons attacked by Alzheimer's related neurotoxins (100x) Confocal Carmen Laethem Aerie Pharmaceuticals

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA

Trabecular meshwork cells from a pig's eye (20x)


Rudolf Oldenbourg

Marine Biological Laboratory

Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA

Nephrotoma suturalis (crane fly) spermatocytes (60x)

Polarized Light

Dr. Shirley Owens

Center for Advanced Microscopy

Michigan State University

East Lansing , Michigan, USA

Cichorium intybus (chickory) pollen grains on

stigmatic surface (1250x)

Confocal, Fluorescence Peter Parks Witney, Oxon, UK

Atlanta peronii (gastropod mollusk) (170x)

Darkfield, Rheinberg Illumination

Daniel Pregibon

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Particles used to detect multiple DNA oligomers (100x)


Dr. Havi Sarfaty

Ramat Gan, Israel

Desiccated garden flower (20x)

Fiber Optic Illumination Dr. Jan Schmoranzer Columbia University New York, New York, USA

Wounded monolayer of fibroblast cells in culture (600x)


Viktor Sykora

Institute of Pathophysiology, First Medical Faculty

Charles UniversityPrague, Czech Republic

Infested leaf (5x)

Stereomicroscopy, Darkfield

Sven Terclavers

VIB Center for Transgene Technology & Gene Therapy

Campus Gasthuisberg O&N

Leuven, Belgium

3D reconstruction of a zebrafish section (400x)

Confocal (2-photon)

Bob Turner , RBP, FBPA

The Scripps Research Institute

La Jolla, California, USA

Quartz sample (20x)

Interference Cross Polarization


The Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition is open to anyone with an interest in photography. Participants may submit their images in traditional 35mm format, or upload digital images directly at The first and second of 20 prize winners will receive a selection of Nikon products and equipment worth $3,000 and $2,000 respectively. For additional information, contact Nikon Small World, Nikon Instruments Inc., 1300 Walt Whitman Road, Melville, NY 11747, USA or phone (631) 547-8569. Entry forms for Nikon's 2007 Small World Competition may also be downloaded from


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