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World's Smallest and Lightest HD Digital Video Camera Takes Photos

LAS VEGAS , Jan. 8 -- Packed with performance upgrades including a new 7.38-megapixel CCD image sensor that dramatically improves low-light sensitivity, the new SANYO Xacti HD2 is the world's smallest and lightest high-definition digital video camera and the highly anticipated next-generation follow-up to 2006's innovative and multiaward-winning HD1 and HD1a series.

The SANYO Xacti HD2 combines the functionality of a 720p high-definition digital camcorder and 7.1-megapixel digital still camera into one ergonomic, pocket-sized device. For optimized performance, a new HDMI digital interface, built into the HD2's multifunction docking station, provides an all-digital output to HDTVs and high-definition video recorders. Featuring a uniquepistol-grip and thumb-operable design, the HD2 can record up to 21 minutes of high-definition video (or up to one hour of standard-definition video) pergigabyte of available memory on any standard SD or high-capacity SDHC card(memory cards sold separately).

Using a single 8-gigabyte SDHC card, HD2 users can easily and spontaneously shoot nearly three hours of high-definition video, up to eight hours of standard-definition video or thousands of 7.1-megapixel digital still images.

"The enormous worldwide demand for the high-definition HD1 series inspiredand invigorated SANYO's design team to significantly raise the performance baron the HD2," said John Lamb , Senior Marketing Manager for SANYO FisherCompany's Audio Video Division. "Increased low-light sensitivity is just one example of how the HD2 has been engineered to provide a more satisfying user experience than ever before."

Sporting a stylish blue graphite body, the SANYO Xacti HD2 will beavailable in the U.S. in March 2007 at an MSRP of $699.99**.

The Xacti HD2 responds to light as low as 12.5 lux in auto mode. Thisrepresents an up to 75% increase in low-light sensitivity when compared to the 50 lux auto mode capability of the previous models, the HD1 and HD1a. The HD2 responds to light as low as 6 lux, in lamp mode, representing an up to 76% increase in low-light sensitivity when compared to the 25 lux capability of the HD1 and HD1a. The HD2 features a special "High Sensitivity" button, allowing users to quickly switch from standard sensitivity mode and shoot in awide variety of low-light situations.

Super-fast start up

The Xacti HD2 high-definition video camera is designed for super faststart-up and shooting. With no tape to queue up, simply open the display andthe HD2 automatically powers up and is ready to record in as little as 1.7seconds.

Image Stabilization

The SANYO Xacti HD2 features a digital image stabilization that worksacross the full shooting range from wide-angle to telephoto. Using an originalcorrective algorithm developed by SANYO, the HD2 is able to distinguishbetween "trembling hands" and "camera work" such as panning and tilting.

1280 x 720 progressive HD video scanning

Thanks to highly efficient MPEG-4 technology, the HD2 is able to createrichly detailed high-definition 720p (1280 x 720 pixels) videos at 30 framesper second. That's up to three times more pixels than standard conventionalvideo cameras.

High-definition engine

The SANYO Xacti HD2 is powered by high-precision LSI (large-scaleintegration) circuitry for advanced, high-definition image processing. Thispowerful "high-definition engine" processes a vast number of calculations andenables the HD2 to realize image processing functions such as high-definition720p processing, real-time MPEG-4 compression and noise reduction.

Super-fast 9Mbs frame rate

The SANYO HD2 high-definition digital video camera features an acceleratedframe rate in the HD mode that is more than four times faster than earlierdigital cameras. Transmitting data at 9 megabits per seconds ensures thatcamera and subject motion are smooth and natural, without the image lag ordistortion that might occur in slower-responding systems.

10x optical zoom

The HD2 features a generous and highly efficient 10x optical zoom lens.Built from 12 elements designed in 9 groups and with a built-in neutraldensity filter, the 10x zoom lens has a maximum aperture of f/3.5 in both wideand telephoto angles, allowing for clear images in lower light situations.Combined with a 10x digital zoom capability, the HD2 is capable of a total100x zoom.

2.2-inch LCD display

The HD2 features a large Sanyo-developed 2.2-inch LCD display with 210,000total pixels for exceptionally clear viewing. The display flips out from thecamera and rotates up to 285 degrees on axis for taking great video or stillimages even in difficult locations.

Digital video and stills, all in one

The HD2 can record 7.1-megapixel still images in addition to 720p videoclips. It can even snap a still image while recording high-definition (1280 x720-pixel) digital video with a simple press of the shutter button during theshooting of a video clip.***

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