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The 2009 show is the first in years where the hottest, coolest new products were something other than DSLRs.

Sony's HX1

Sony's HDR-CX100, like many other camcorders, includes a full suite of cutting-edge features, such as face-detection and smile shutter. Priced at around $600, this Sony represents one of the most affordable in its class.

Samsung's standard-resolution SMX-F34 seems to top the zoom-range charts with a 34x optical zoom. This camcorder, like most SSD camcorders, boasts an extended running time per battery charge -- three hours, in this case -- another advantage of SSDs being that it takes less power to move molecules than reels of tape.

These are transitional times for video, and customers will require a lot of hand-holding when they try to decide which type of system suits them best. Should it be SSD, HDD, Hybrid, DVD, or tape? Should if be hi-def or standard? Widescreen or 4:3? Stereo or surround sound? 1920p or 1080p?

The answer for the videomaker shooting for his large-screen home theater system may be different than for the videomaker shooting for his website. Or who knows, maybe not -- videos, like still photos, are subject to "repurposing," meaning a given clip may be presented in a number of forms and formats. Software exists for the various conversions, but the fact remains that the customer will need to think-through the range of choices and all their implications. And guess who's going to have to do most of their thinking for them?

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