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New Technologies, Products Launched at Consumer Electronics Show

imaginginfo LG cellphone watch product
Dick Tracy and James Bond watch out. At the LG press conference the company introduced the development of a 3G cellphone watch that also plays MP3s and features a speakerphone.
photo by Diane Berkenfeld

imaginginfo casio camera product
Casio's Bill Heuer holds the brand new high speed slim camera designed for the mass digital photography consumer.
photo by Diane Berkenfeld

imaginginfo sony webbie product
One of the two new Webbie digital cameras launched at CES by Sony. The Webbie cameras make it easy for it's users to upload digital still images and video to photo and video sharing websites.
photo by Diane Berkenfeld

imaginginfo sony webbie product
The other new Webbie digital camera introduced by Sony at it's press conference.
photo by Diane Berkenfeld

imaginginfo samsung product shot
Samsung's new flagship camcorder, the H106.

Here at CES, Casio Computer Co. Ltd., president and CEO, Kazuo Kashio introduced the company's newest innovation for 2009: the high-speed feature of the EX-F1 and EX-FH20 in a slim body. By putting the power of high-speed shooting in a slim digicam, Casio is providing this powerful feature in a form factor enticing to the mass consumer.

Casio America's Bill Heuer explained that with the new developments being introduced at CES, the company is "setting the benchmark for the new generation of digital camera."

Kashio also demonstrated Casio's new Dynamic Photo feature. The Dynamic Photo engine is capable of high speed processing to create photos that never before existed. Dynamic Photo will allow consumers to produce composite moving pictures without the need for professional level Chromakey technology or software.

Users simply shoot a moving image (on a solid background), then they shoot the solid-colored background. The Dynamic Photo engine then "cuts" the moving subject out of the background and places the subject on a new background such as a holiday greeting design or drawing. For example, you can shoot video of a child waving, and then "immerse" that child in a drawing that he himself created.

Beginning at photokina 2008, which was held in Cologne, Germany in September, digital camera introductions began to offer designs that encompass the unlimited possibilities of digital photography--as digital cameras, cutting the ties to the legacy film-based camera design. Digital cameras with features such as Casio's Dynamic Photo are part of this new generation. We're seeing the dawn of a new age of digital camera.

Samsung announced a new, unified user interface that will run across its entire line of products. The company also showed a new camcorder model that allows users to simply touch the screen to snap a picture, no shutter button needed here. Samsung also introduced a new SSD camcorder, the HMX H106 which offers full HD capture and 64 Gigabytes of internal solid state digital memory with a Schneider lens. The new SSD or flash-based camcorders rival the capacity of hdd (hard disk drive) camcorders, but with the benefits of flash media.

Samsung also introduced the HZ 10W still digital camera with a wide-angle 24mm lens and 10x zoom that also captures HD video.

At their press conference, Panasonic introduced a new HD camcorder that will offer a whopping 70x optical zoom and the company's optical image stabilization.

Here at CES, Sony/Sony Ericsson introduced new Sony Cyber-shot and Sony Walkman cellphone models. The new Cyber-shot phones incorporate Sony's smile shutter and face detection capabilities for better quality picture taking. The company also unveiled four new digital frames, two new digital cameras: the Cyber-shot DSC-S950 and Cyber-shot DSC-W220; seven hdd Handycam camcorders, four flash Handycam camcorders, and two DVD Handycam Camcorders. Sony also launched two colorful new Webbie HD cameras: the MHS-CM1 Webbie HD MP4 camera and the MHS-PM1 Webbie HD MP4 Camera. The Webbies are designed to allow users quick uploading to popular video and photo sharing sites on the web.

As of this writing Sony's Chairman and CEO Sir Howard Stringer is scheduled to make a "big" announcement during his opening keynote Thursday morning regarding Sony digital cameras.