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Market Your Artistic Vision, Technical Skills, by Creating a Photoblog
Brooks' Photoblog v. 2.0 sets a precedent for real expression.

When he first discovered blogging, he did not even think about using photos and began with personal musings. Once he understood how blogging worked, he discovered that it could be turned into something real.

"I realized as long as you go onto other sites and express interest and leave comments and links, that it could work as a marketing tool," says Brooks.

Not a writer by nature, Brooks thought about how he could evolve his personal blog into something serious that he could use for his photography business. In the summer of 2005 a buddy redesigned his site and Brooks Blog version 1.0 became Brooks Photoblog 2.0.

Choosing between WordPress and Movable Type software to use for a photoblog was like choosing between a Canon and Nikon, says Brooks. "Both are great," he says. In the end, Movable Type enabled him to design the two column layouts (one for the technical information and credits, the other for descriptions).

Although he has an online portfolio, Brooks says the blog is a better representation of who he is as an artist because the images are always changing.
"It has definitely inspired me. When you have a photoblog that you know you have to update regularly, it prevents you from getting in a rut. You're not afraid to shoot new stuff. Because of it, I make it a point to shoot a test with a model every time I have an assignment."

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