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Lebanese Photojournalists Give Refugee Kids Opportunity to Forget Surroundings Through Photography
The Daily Star-Lebanon

Children play in the refugee camps.
The Daily Star

On the other hand, her nine-year-old friend Rowan enthuses: "I loved taking pictures of my family, especially my grandfather who is my favourite person." The young girl also took pictures of a carpenter at work. "I wanted to show how hard he works at carving the wood." The NGO will hold exhibitions of the children's work around Lebanon and the Arab world, and in Europe and North America. It also plans to publish a book featuring 120 of the best photographs.

"Our long-term goals include strengthening photography skills of the most talented children through extensive training, and proceeds from the book will hopefully be used to fund a children's photography school," said Abu Chakra.

Despite the differences between the children in the different camps, they all share an affinity for their homeland. "All the kids showed great attachment to their origin and history," said Abu Chakra. "We asked them how they would portray Palestine, a country they had never known. One simply answered: 'From pictures, naturally.'"