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New Policy Redirects Dealers Ordering Small Quantities from Kodak to Wholesalers EXCLUSIVE

Miller anticipates an increase in volume and noted, “We are going to be more responsive to the dealer than Kodak can be, and expect to turn over orders in 24-48 hours.”

Photo Wholesaler of Kingston, New York, is another Kodak Medalist. President Shawn Fitzgerald looks at the new Kodak policy as a better way to support customers.

How will dealers react to being switched from a direct relationship with Kodak to a wholesaler?

“We’ll soon find out,” said Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald added that as a wholesaler he buys favorably, and expects to be able to pass along savings to the smaller dealers. He intends to offer free freight for orders above $1,000.

He noted that there are no boundary restrictions to his Medalist Wholesaler arrangement. This means that there may be some competition between the various wholesalers.

Other Kodak-authorized Medalist Wholesalers not already mentioned include: Chang's Photo Supplies Co., Los Angeles; PDI Supply, Inc., Rochester, N.Y.; Photoland, Inc., Appleton, Wis.; Sonman, Inc., Rockledge, Fla. and Southpoint Photo Supply, Farmers Br., Texas.

In addition to its San Clemente headquarters, Liberty Photo Products, parent company of Minilab Supply Store, has branch operations in Plymouth, Minn. and Levittown, Penn. It will serve the professional lab market nationally.

Jerry Lansky is president of Minilab Consultants. He can be reached at 732-946-8484 or by email at