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Local Organizations Team With Pros To Raise Adoption Awareness

The Heart Galleries strive to dispel misperceptions about foster children. “When people actually see foster kids, they are surprised. They look just like (other) children!” Rodriguez said. When the youngsters arrived to have their pictures made, even the photographers were surprised. “What they saw were happy, bouncy kids,” Rodriguez added.

The young photo subjects were clearly interested in helping with the project, Rodriguez noted. “They wanted to help make the community aware and help future kids coming into the system. The children and their families were proud to help and be part of the solution. It was a great collaboration among everyone to make this effort successful.”

In an effort to have the pictures more widely seen throughout Santa Barbara County, the show is scheduled to travel to Santa Maria and Lompoc. Dates and locations are still being scheduled.

For additional information, visit the local Heart Gallery website at The site lists volunteer opportunities and other ways to get involved with the project.