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Retired Electrician's Image "The Yellow Tulip" Selected for Smithsonian Exhibit

Viewfinder: The "window" a photographer looks through to capture an image. - Michael R. Ebert

You never know what you'll get the second time around.

In our second photo contest, we asked for your best Act Two shot, and, to our delight, this year's entries continued the high quality from last year, but included lots of new territory.

We had 766 entries this year. In an interesting shift, more than 90 percent came in online. Along these lines, the story accompanying the contest is on how to go digital. It should help those of us still scrambling to adjust to the quickening move from film to digital photography.

We chose the 13 photos here as finalists. Now we want you to help us pick the winner. Vote online through or on the coupon included. We'll name the winner in a few weeks.


Smooth sailing

Joseph Manor, 64, of Coram, took this photo in October 2006 from a fishing pier at Cedar Beach. A sailor was leaving the nearby marina for the Long Island Sound.

Mother's Day

Blake Friedman, 2, offers a dandelion to his Amityville neighbor, Anna Mancini, 84 on Mother's Day. His father, Bob Friedman captured the moment.

98 and counting

Balbina McGuirk is surrounded by many of her five children, 17 grandchildren

and 14 great-grandchildren at a surprise 98th birthday party in South Setauket

in July. Rich Wiederman, 44, of Port Jefferson, whose wife is McGuirk's granddaughter, snapped the picture.

Limited exposure

This fully clothed man tanning his face while things heated up nearby caught Teddy Mustakas' eye outside the bathhouse at Robert Moses Beach in the 1980s. Mustakas, 53, of Hauppauge, said he carries his camera almost everywhere.

All amigos here

Jack Cordes, 61, of Centereach, spent a day with friends cruising the East End on motorcycles before stopping at a North Fork Mexican cafe with ample food and drink. He captured the delight of buddy H.C. Alexander of Benedict, Md.

Summer sunset

Robbie and Diana Schirmer of Garden City stroll along Lake Montauk's shore. Their friend Maureen McLaughlin, 57, of Smithtown, took the picture in June 2003 from her summer lakehouse.

Heads together

Anne Kash, 60, of Kings Park bottom left, delights in this picture of her spending time with daughters Anne Chura and Jennifer Greco and granddaughters Tara and Carley Greco. Clockwise from Kash are Chura, Tara, Jennifer and Carley. Tara, 14, snapped the



Ed Krepela, 67, of Ocean Beach noticed this dozing summer renter on the deck of a home down the street from his in 2004 and quietly snapped the picture.

Laughing all the way

Al and Anne Frank, married more than 50 years, joke about the secret of staying married. Their friend Mona-Marie Kuceluk, 47, of Oakland Gardens, Queens caught this impromptu moment between the Franks at their Bronx home in May.

Good morning sunshine

Pat Kunder, 52, of Stony Brook, captured this surreal scene of her lush front yard early Father's Day morning this year.