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Color Blindness Didn't Stop Photographer From Being Successful in New York Market
It may have helped John Clang's craft

Asked how he would like to be remembered, he replies: 'A great photographer. I understand fashion but I don't like being a fashion photographer because it's not me. I'm much more than that.'

He says he reached the peak of his success two years ago, and attributes this to a newfound maturity and understanding of his unique identity as a photographer - he calls this 'sensibility'.

He has also mellowed considerably, and is less idealistic than in his younger days. 'In the past, it was my way or the highway. Now, I'm more accommodating. If I can give you 200 per cent of what you want, I'll take the job because I know you'll be happy and I like to see a happy client.'

Truth be told, Clang is a study in contrasts. He is at once down to earth yet acutely aware of his millionaire status, flying first class whenever he travels.

He seems like an eager teenager but indulges in less-frenetic pastimes, like cooping up at home for a quiet Saturday night and collecting exquisite watches from F.P. Journe and Philippe Dufour.

But he is practical about retirement and takes his wealth in his stride. 'In 10 years, I might stop whatever I'm doing and be a full-time fine artist and that won't be lucrative,' he says.

And, of course, he is a smooth operator.

As we stand up to air-kiss goodbye, Clang tells me to turn around so he can see my back. I half-expect him to pick up a camera and shoot.

But he says simply: 'Nice.'

Clang: A White Book is on show at The Substation, 45 Armenian Street till July 6 in Beijing and NYC.

'I can't do saucy images of women. The women in my images always look like my muses or my lovers. You feel like you can talk to them and you know for sure they will not disappoint you in bed, period'On his weakness in photography. His ads for Godiva chocolate feature supermodel Sophie Dahl

'To photograph something beautiful is easy, but to photograph something that makes me understand more about myself and intrigues me emotionally is more important. Whether it intrigues others is not my priority' On not responding to critics who pan his work because they don't understand it. His shoot for Richard Branson's Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer is pictured above

Flashback 'Back then, I hid a lot of things. But by being honest about things now, it gives the younger generation of photographers a perspective on what's going on in real life. By sharing this information, you can make your own judgment about what you want to do. My life is such, there's nothing to hide' Clang (with his wife and, right, as a child) on opening up to the public about his craft and life

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