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Go Back In Time With New Book 'Washington Then & Now'

"I would be sitting in my basement, talking to him on the phone, and looking at Google," said Dorpat.

Everywhere they went, they found local residents willing to help. Local historian Tony Bamonte helped out with the Spokane area research.

The book took 2 years to complete, mainly because of the vagaries of the weather. Sherrard said he spent weeks just waiting for a break in the clouds to shoot a Spirit Lake photo near Mount St. Helens.

They started with between 600 and 800 historic photos. After traipsing all over the state, they ended up with 156 paired photos - from Neah Bay to the intersection of Monroe and Riverside.


"Washington Then & Now"

By Paul Dorpat and Jean Sherrard (Westcliffe Publishers, $45)

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