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Brooke Launches Mini Album System

Photo gifts are among the fastest growing markets in our industry. The Mini Album system represents a versatile and affordable solution to make a viable and profitable new product line with a minimal expense compared to other potential photo gift production solutions.

Mini Album prints can be made with any output method (silver halide, inkjet, dye-sublimation printer, color copy etc.). Output devices today come in many sizes and price levels-this does not require any unique type of printer or specific printing process-just turn out a 5x7 for the Retailer Mini Album cutting (manual) system or an 8x12 for the Puzzle Machine/Mini Album (motorized) cutter. This makes the Mini Album system very attractive to businesses starting out with a low end (cost) personal printer capable of 5x7's.

The process of making the mini album is simple-from the print layout to cutting the page to folding and finishing the album. The learning curve of putting a mini album together is short while the results are very professional-in less than 5 minutes.

Portrait photographers see the Pocket Album as a new and unique product to showcase multiple-pose sittings-akin to a proof book, but as a new product the client can show off to their friends and family without loss of image quality and the Pocket Album more convenient size to share (and include package up-selling in quantity).

Special events in our lives-births, weddings, graduations, reunions, sports -are often captured with cameras. The mini albums are classy little albums with a huge message-those memories can simply be shared with a lightweight, multi page book so convenient to carry around or proudly hang from a camera, purse, cell phone or backpack.

The printed photo-whether it starts as a digital file captured from a camera or cell phone-is the easiest, most tangible way to share memories. The Mini Albums put many favorite images in a light, almost unobtrusive package which is ideal for sharing with friends, family, and colleagues. No cell phone or camera screen is required, No computer search necessary, no batteries are required--just a hands-on experience to enjoy and pass onto others.