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Back Online Petition Call by Artists
source: Gulf Daily News, Manama, Bahrain

He said that he had started using the website in 2004 and has met many international artists, used the sites' educational resources and displayed his work through it.

"The worst part of this ban is that I had used the site as an online portfolio for my work, a portfolio that millions of people could access," he said.

"It's a shame that the site was blocked for no reason, it does not even make sense."


Being born in Bahrain, he said that he felt an appreciation for Bahraini culture and had enjoyed seeing the work of local artists online.

"It was a pleasure to look at the work of young Bahraini artists," he said.

"They portray their culture and tradition through their talent. Many foreign artists, who saw their work got to see what Bahrain really is and lost any preconceived notions that they had."

Bayu Hefki, a 27-year-old Indonesian artist living in Bahrain, credits for being the main reason he got employed here.

"I met a Bahraini artist on the website and we became very close friends," he said.

"When an opening in my friend's firm surfaced he showed my online deviantArt portfolio to the management and I was employed.

"NowI have been working in Bahrain for a year in a big architecture firm, none of this would have happened if it wasn't for the website."

"I feel terrible about the ban. It helped me greatly with enhancing my skills through the massive amount of resources and feedback from both professionals and budding artists.

"It gave me an opportunity. We owe a lot to this forum."

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