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Clickfree Debuts Consumer Backup Products and Features at CES 2009

* Reminder: Clickfree software now includes a backup reminder application that can be configured to remind users by week or month.

* Password protection: ClickFree devices and content are now protected by a password to maximize security of data.

Clickfree products coming in 2009 and being presented at CES 2009 for the first time include:

* Clickfree Online Backup: Never lose another document again, knowing that even in the worst case scenario, your precious data is safely stored off-site. Clickfree Online Backup ushers in a new age in data protection and file recovery by offering the easiest online backup ever. Users can backup multiple computers, have flexible scheduling options, can access their data from anywhere and share files and folders, with support for over 400 different file types.

* Clickfree Flash Backup: This ultra portable, credit card-sized flash memory-based backup solution goes with you everywhere; as expected from Clickfree, it requires no software installation or hardware configuration to start the backup process. Just plug it into a USB port on your computer and it does the rest.

Clickfree's entire lineup of products is designed for the 85 to 95 percent of computer users who, research shows, fail to regularly backup content on their PCs because they do not have the time, desire or skill to install, set up and use confusing or complex software and hardware products.

All Clickfree products are available by ordering directly from the Storage Appliance Corporation's website ( ) and many retailers. Clickfree products can be found at leading outlets such as Best Buy, FRYS, OfficeMax, and Walgreens, in addition to,,, and, with additional major retailers coming soon.

Clickfree is exhibiting additional future products and features from the 2009 International CES at Booth # 31764, LVCC South Hall 3.

Storage Appliance Corporation develops intelligent, Clickfree personal backup devices specifically designed for ease of use.