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Shigetaka Komori of Fujifilm Selected as PMDA Person of the Year

Mr. Komori
Michael Deng
Dave Willard
Bill Eppridge

About Attending the PMDA Awards Dinner

The PMDA Person of the Year Dinner will be held on March 2, 2009 at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. For information, please contact Gen Christo at

About PMDA

Founded in 1939, the PhotoImaging Manufacturers & Distributors Association (PMDA) has promoted the photo and digital-imaging industry for over 67 years with an emphasis on photo imaging manufacturers and distributors. PMDA provides an open forum for its members to exchange ideas and learn new technologies and business trends, in addition to administering programs that promote photography to the general public. The member companies of PMDA have a box seat on the changing product and business developments of the photo industry and a unique opportunity to network with other industry principals and managers in the receptions preceding each meeting and special event. PMDA has also teamed up with PMA International to create the Photographic Information Council (PIC) to promote photography to the general public.

PIC's website ( provides photo tips and techniques, celebrity photographers, contests, new product releases and projects. See PMDA's site,, for more information.