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Gigatribe Launches Web 2.0 File Sharing Service in US

Set up groups: you can select which folders are available to which groups of people (i.e. friends, family, work, etc.)

No limit to the amount of data you can share.

Small Business Networking: easy way to set up a network in any office to share folders with coworkers.

Easy to use: anyone can share his or her own content - no technical knowledge required.

Instant Messaging Feature: lets you chat online with your ‘tribe.’

Improved User Interface

Easy to Install

New shortcut buttons help you easily perform most common actions.

GigaTribe "Ultimate" Upgrade Features (Priced at only $29.95/year):

Faster downloads.

Remote Internet Access -- access your computer anywhere you go from the Internet.

Protect shared folders with a password.

Unlimited Email tech support.

EasyConnect service.

Unlimited amount of simultaneous downloads.

900,000 GigaTribe Users and Growing

GigaTribe has more than 900,000 users sharing files online. The free GigaTribe is available immediately with all the basic features, including file sharing and chat. GigaTribe "Ultimate" is also immediately available for users who want more options, including remote Internet access of their computer and faster downloads, priced at only $29.95 a year ($4.99 per month). For more information, see

GigaTribe is a free and secure private P2P community driven platform. Users can share an unlimited number of files (home movies, pictures, documents, etc.) of any size with their chosen community. Gigatribe has over 900,000 users located throughout Europe and the United States.