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liveBooks Makes Announcements at PhotoPlus 2008

o What Matters: ( Created by bestselling author David Elliot Cohen, What Matters is a collection of socially conscious photo‐essays by world‐renown photojournalists that address key issues such as global warming, AIDS, genocide and global Jihad.

liveBooks Enhances Custom Website Offering with New Search Engine Optimization Features for liveBooks Professional

liveBooks announced the Spring 2008 release of liveBooks Professional. Research has shown that more than 80 percent of Internet users first find web sites through organic search. To address this need, this latest release adds new features to enhance the search marketing functionality integrated into every visually rich, custom Flash website built by liveBooks.

According to Jupiter Research, 62 percent of search engine users click on results on the first page of search listings and 90 percent of users never go beyond the first three pages. By providing effective tools to streamline search marketing, the liveBooks website solution addresses the search engine behavior patterns of the vast majority of photo buyers and makes it easier for new clients to find a photographer's site.

Spring 2008 Release of liveBooks Professional - Key Enhancements

The Spring 2008 release of liveBooks Professional helps emerging and professional photographers increase their website traffic, streamline their workflow for search marketing and effectively measure the increase in the number of site visitors with the following new enhancements.

Enhanced Auto‐Generated HTML - automatically creates HTML pages from content in the photographer's Flash website and generates real‐time updates whenever the photographer modifies image or portfolio content in the easy‐to‐use liveBooks online site management tool, the editSuite. This ensures both the Flash site and HTML are current at any given moment. Auto‐generated HTML enables a wealth of information for search engines to index including keywords, image name, portfolio names and image metadata.

HTML Search Landing Page - this optional new HTML page creates an overall snapshot of a photographer's website. This page links back to the photographer's Flash website and has been created to help further enhance search ranking opportunities. It can be used as a part of an overall search keyword marketing strategy to increase the visibility of a photographer related to selected keywords.

Embedded Metadata Upload - automatically uploads the image metadata that has been entered in Adobe PhotoShop®, Apple Aperture®, Microsoft iView, or Adobe Lightroom® into a photographer's liveBooks portfolio. This feature streamlines the workflow and enhances the richness of data within the site, further bolstering the content that is cataloged by search engines.

Enhanced Google Analytics support - takes measurability down to the page level enabling clients to track the effectiveness of marketing efforts and see page‐by‐page traffic reporting.

A recent study by InfoTrends revealed that photographers who use a customized website for their business ranked search‐oriented activities as their second most time‐consuming task. The Spring 2008 Release of liveBooks Professional is designed to directly address this serious workflow challenge.

Luminance Brings Together a Custom Website with a Custom Developed Promotional Video Resulting in an Engaging Online Experience

Earlier this year, liveBooks announced the launch of Luminance , a new online solution that for the first time, combines a personalized website created by liveBooks with a custom promotional video that is professionally-produced by Cinematic Studios, Inc. This unique combination creates a rich online experience that enables photographers to build an emotional connection with potential clients while differentiating themselves from their competition.