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liveBooks Makes Announcements at PhotoPlus 2008

liveBooks' Clients Make a Splash as Presenters at Pictage Partner Conference 2008

As a result of an exciting contribution by its photographer clients at Pictage Partner Conference 2008, liveBooks has announced the creation of a Webinar Series for Wedding Photographers based on workshops presented by those talented professionals at the event.

The annual conference, which was held on Sept. 9 and 10 in Los Angeles, Calif., showcased 10 liveBooks' photography clients as speakers and, in an effort to share their insight with members of the photo community who could not attend the conference, liveBooks is offering those educational seminars as webinars starting this November. By visiting liveBooks' Web site at, interested parties can view clips from Pictage Partner Conference 2008 and interviews with the presenters, hear more about their seminars, review the schedule and register for the webinars.

To view the liveBooks recap of this event and hear liveBooks' clients' reactions to it, visit The liveBooks' photographers' workshops that were held at the event, and are being modified and presented as a part of the free webinars on the liveBooks' Web site, include: Jared Platt, Get Inspired - A Entertaining Look at the History of Photography Carlos Baez, See the Light: Passion, Fashion and Inspiration Jared Bauman, Business 102 - Recession Proof Your Business Gene Higa, Creating a Niche Market to Set Yourself Apart Jay Goldman, 10 Tips to Surviving a Career in Photography: 20 Years in the Trenches Dane Sanders, Photographer - By Design Jules Bianchi, Loves & Happiness J. Sandifer and Emilie Somer, The Importance of Building an Envious Brand To view the upcoming webinar calendar for all types of photographers, visit For more information about liveBooks, visit or call (800) 253‐2085 for a free consultation.

liveBooks Supports Photo Community and Promotes Social Change through Conscious Communities

liveBooks announced it is bringing its numerous ongoing philanthropic activities together under the name "Conscious Communities." Since its inception, liveBooks has been dedicated to helping grow and sustain the photo community by providing educational resources that empower photographers to pursue their passion, hone their craft and build successful, sustainable businesses. In addition, the company's employees have individually and collectively demonstrated a strong desire to integrate a sense of social responsibility into the very fabric of the company. The formalization of Conscious Communities allows liveBooks to centralize and more strategically direct these activities and maximize their impact. "Given our focus as a company and our individual passion for creative pursuits, it is natural for liveBooks to nurture and give back to the photo community," said Andy Patrick, president and CEO of liveBooks. "The employees of liveBooks and I have long shared a passion for supporting photographers and helping them to succeed while at the same time enhancing the world we live in through creative expression and the power that photography has to help drive social change." Conscious Communities - Educational Activities

Advertising Photographers of America (APA): ( The APA is a community of photographers focused on meeting the needs of the commercial photographer. Their members are working together towards a common goal of ensuring that their profession continues with high ethics and recognition. Through its national sponsorship of the APA, liveBooks helps advance the organization's mission by providing membership incentives, marketing and technical support of the APA's annual photo contest, and numerous educational seminars and resources.

Aperture Users Network (AUN): ( The AUN helps photographers learn how to use their images in new photographic and multimedia ways through the use of the Apple Aperture application. By underwriting the Aperture twelve city road tour, liveBooks is providing photographers in‐depth training on using Aperture and other digital workflow tools that can help them better run their businesses.

Photographers in Focus: ( ) The nature of a photographer's profession separates them from both their subjects and colleagues. This video series, created by liveBooks and hosted on the company's website, is designed to offer viewers an intimate view into the individual personalities of leading photographers and share with the photo community insight about how each subject has achieved their professional success.

Conscious Communities - Social Change Activities

The National Geographic All Roads Competition: ( By recognizing and supporting talented international indigenous and minority‐culture photographers, this competition is able to share with the world photographers who are documenting their shifting culture and community. liveBooks CEO Andy Patrick got involved with the competition as a Founding Advisory Board member, with a focus on educating participating photographers on how to best market themselves to obtain grants to sustain their work. Through competition sponsorship, liveBooks furthers Patrick's efforts by sustaining a commitment to marketing education and producing a free website for each award winner, enabling them to easily expose their work to a worldwide audience.

FiftyCrows Foundation: ( Founded by liveBooks CEO Andy Patrick, FiftyCrows is empowering social change and supporting the work of indigenous photographers through its annual grant competition and awards, and its efforts to promote the work of these photographers through email, direct mail, online marketing and television programming. In addition to powering the FiftyCrows gallery website, liveBooks also provides a free website to all grant winners, enabling these photographers to expose their work to a worldwide audience that would have otherwise been out of reach, thereby enhancing their ability to drive social change.

liveBooks has designed and hosts clean, user‐friendly and search‐optimized websites for several organizations in order to help them convey their key messages and expand their reach within the photo community to garner greater attention, membership and investment. liveBooks provides complimentary sites for organizations including:

o Proof: Media for Social Justice: ( This non‐profit organization is committed to raising awareness of issues facing post‐conflict societies and encouraging social change through the use of photography. In addition to the liveBooks‐donated website, liveBooks CEO Andy Patrick serves as a Board member of Proof.

o The About Face Project: ( Started by photographer John Russo, this traveling exhibition and book exposes the natural beauty of individuals. A portion of proceeds from the project benefit SmileTrain, an international charity helping children with cleft lips and palates in developing countries.