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Athentech Imaging Unveils New Inventions, Upgrades to Perfectly Clear Image Correction Solutions for Consumers, Labs

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source: Athentech

In addition, Athentech has partnered with some of the leading imaging developers to enable Perfectly Clear® to perform auto-red eye detection and removal, auto-image rotation, auto-face cropping, and orb and purple fringe removal (Tessera Technologies); noise reduction (Imagenomic); and reproduction of a full color spectrum (Tribeca Labs).

How Perfectly Clear® Works

Perfectly Clear®, invented for the digital world, is modeled on the physics principles of light. Unlike traditional analogue-based approaches that can actually damage true color, create artifacts and cause clipping, Perfectly Clear® is the only solution that operates like the human eye - optimizing and correcting the light in each and every pixel. The result is stunning pictures regardless of whether they are viewed as electronic files or prints. In one second, Perfectly Clear® for photographic applications optimizes lighting in each pixel while maintaining true color with zero clipping and no artifacts.

Malcolm explained that the uniqueness of Perfectly Clear® lies in its ability to "perfectly preserve the photographer's memory." It does so by restoring the original image that the photographer saw but that the camera did not capture due to improper exposure, color imbalance or some other inaccuracy. "We've learned that an accurate correction will re-trigger memories better than an inaccurate correction," he said, "which is why we are unique in our ability to offer 'Real Color' and therefore help drive prints."

Athentech® Imaging Inc. is an entrepreneurial, privately held company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The company is involved in three industries and markets: digital imaging, signal processing (for medical applications), and earth sciences.

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