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Strobist Blog about Lighting Photos Hits it Big
USA Today

David Hobby, who runs a photography website, holds one of the small flash units he uses for creative photographic lighting.
USA Today

When he began photographing cars, Brown was a security guard at Danville's Blackhawk Museum. The museum president saw his photos and promoted him to in-house photographer. One shot, of a Mercedes, won Hobby's year-end award for best shot of the year. The next chapter

Hobby grew up in Florida and moved to Maryland to work for a chain of weekly newspapers as a staff photographer. He started work at The Sun in 1999. He has until August to decide whether to return. "I miss being a news photographer," he says. "If I do go back, I would have to reprioritize the blog and post less frequently." He says he still hasn't made a decision. He augments his income with teaching he leaves Thursday for a lighting seminar in Dubai; last week, he was at a Kentucky university and says he loves the new experiences that Strobist has afforded him.

"I have friends from all over the world now," he says. "My readership is larger than many cities. That's pretty heady stuff."