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Corbis Weighs in on Top 10 Creative Trends for 2007

The fact of the matter is modern living is making people fat. Experts conclude that increasingly busy lives, affordability and convenience of fast food, lengthy commutes and the popularity of sedentary activities such as spending time on the Internet, watching television and playing video games, have all led to a dramatic increase in global obesity. According to the World Health Organization more than 1.2 billion people worldwide are classified as overweight, while 300 million are obese. In the U.S. alone about 34% of the population in 2006 was obese. The proportion of obese Americans has increased dramatically over the last 25 years, doubling among adults and tripling among children.

Now people are starting to address the problem and are striving for a healthier lifestyle. More than 70% of people in Finland and Sweden participate in some sort of fitness activity at least once a week, while two thirds of the Asia Pacific population is tackling weight issues through a healthier diet.

What does this mean for advertisers and the visuals they are using? Advertisers and marketers are increasingly showing ways that people -- of all sizes -- can combat obesity and strive to live healthier lives. More images feature real people doing their best to stay in shape and make the right decisions for themselves and their families. Marketers are trying to cut back on visuals of children with candy and ice-cream cones in favor of those with fresh fruits, whole grains and vegetables. And more than ever, images are showing people leading active lives whether its pictures of people working out, kids playing sports or a couple taking an after dinner stroll. The new look of health is becoming less about specific subjects or activities and more of a way of life.

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