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"America At Home" Runs This Week

* A unique element of America at Home is that it encourages participation by cell phone camera users. More than a billion people around the world have an Internet-connected camera in their pocket all day long: their phone. This project will be the first time the full combined power of these millions of phones in the U.S. has been activated for a common purpose. "Humanity has a deep need to tell stories,” says Smolan. “That’s why photographs are so important to people. The ability to shoot and then instantly share images is going to dramatically change the way humanity sees itself and how each of us tells our own stories."

The America at Home book will be published by Running Press in March 2008 and will offer the public the ability to personalize their books with customized covers. The custom cover feature was largely responsible for the success of Smolan's last project, America 24/7, when more than 21% of all book buyers customized their copies. This was the first time in publishing history that a New York Times best-seller was mass customized by its readers.

America at Home is made possible through a partnership with IKEA with additional support being provided by HP's Snapfish, Google and *

AMERICA AT HOME – Project Details

What: The largest collaborative project in Internet history as 100 of the top photojournalists and millions of Americans document the concept of home

Where: Throughout the United States

When: The week of Sept. 17th to 23 rd

Who: Any American who owns a digital camera or cell phone camera

Project Url:

Publisher: The book will be published in March 2008 by Running Press

* America at Home’s Strategic Partner and supporting sponsors

IKEA: Given the landmark nature of America at Home it is not surprising that IKEA, a company synonymous with the concept of Home, is the project’s strategic partner. In addition to serving as lead underwriter of the project, IKEA is both promoting America at Home in its stores and extending an invitation to its customers to participate. IKEA is also simultaneously launching a major new branding campaign entitled, “Home is the Most Important Place in the World.”

“Our partnership and support for the America at Home project is a perfect fit,” commented Pernille Lopez, the president of US operations for IKEA.

SNAPFISH: The America at Home book project is an innovative example of the power of the Internet that underscores collaboration on a broad scale. This follows the success of the bestselling America 24/7, where participation with HP's Snapfish enabled the capture and collection of simultaneous snapshots of moments and events in America as seen through the eyes of professional photographers and everyday people. HP's Snapfish will again serve as the engine for this exciting new project.

Other supporting sponsors include Google and BabyCenter who are each inviting substantial portions of their audiences to participate in America at Home. *

Daily simultaneous snapshot topics include:

Monday, September 17 THE BIG TOUR: 3 pm Show us exactly what makes your home your castle. Capture the essence and emotions -- ALL the nooks, crannies and grannies – and don’t forget the iguana if you’ve got one.

Tuesday, September 18 MORNING RUSH: 8 am Breakfast of blueberries and walnuts? A bracing shower? Yoga on the patio? Packing up the kid’s lunches for school? Let the world share your hectic sunrise routines.

Wednesday, September 20 MID-DAY MADNESS 12 Noon Who’s home? Come one, come all. Show us your dashing kids, lovely friends or even that one strange black-crowned night heron who just built a nest in front yard maple tree.

Thursday, September 21 DINNER TIME 7 PM Lasagna again? [Yum!] Inexplicable Jello salads? Chinese take away? From a microwave or Dutch Oven? Pick up your plates and show us! Be sure to get the family chef in action.

Friday, September 22 YOUR SANCTUARY 4 PM When it’s been one of those days (or weeks), where do YOU escape to cool out, re-boot or get away? Don’t be bashful; share your sacred space with us.

Saturday, September 23 HOME TREASURES 11 am Your grandmother’s wedding ring? Your uncle’s false teeth? Your precious collection of snow globes? Bring’em out and let us all gaze in wonder!