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DBL Acquired for $96 Milllion
The Arizona Republic

"This strategy positions Ingram Micro at the forefront of two significant trends: the continuing convergence of commercial and consumer technologies and the growing importance of retailers in the marketplace," CEO Greg Spierkel said in an announcement.

The company said it plans to cross-sell its products to DBL customers and DBL products to its customers. Ingram stock rose 14 cents a share, or nearly 1 percent, the day it announced the deal.

For DBL, the deal means it will have the capital to grow, Lorsch said. He'd considered adding another warehouse in Arizona or on the East Coast, but would have had to bring in outside capital to finance it.

"Their company will allow us to grow and flourish," Lorsch said.

Ingram's expertise in logistics also help DBL, he said. Retailers who call DBL by 5 p.m. already have their shipments go out of the bustling warehouse by midnight, and Lorsch thinks the new parent can fine-tune operations even more.

"It's all about scaling and delivering product at the lowest possible cost," he said.