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With Release of iPhone: What Do Consumers Really Want?

The company currently offers more than 25 kinds of phones in its lineup, from mobile TV-ready to very basic.

"The customer makes the decision; they pick the features that they want," she said. "You have to have variety."

And you have to have money - which your cell phone could be in the future.

"Down the road, your phone may become an 'e-wallet,' a payment mechanism," said Farren of CTIA.

"You'll use it to make purchases through bar-code scanning and text messaging."

No matter what, he said, consumers, "want their phones to do a lot - and they want to do it easily."

The "wow" factor of the iPhone aside, even Steve Jobs has said its "killer app" is making calls, especially with its integrated contacts and mapping features.

"What Apple has been able to do in the past, and what they promise with the iPhone, is ease of use," said Farren.

"That's always something that's on the top of any handset maker's mind."

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