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Labs See Conversion of Photos to Digital as a Way Back to Profit

He gets questions every day from people concerned about packing lifelong collections into a box and shipping them to be digitized. "We've never lost one picture," he says. "You're more likely to lose a picture through fading, a disaster or a divorce than you are from the mail."

Goldstone's offers a way to have your old photos converted to digital files, such as the ones generated by digital cameras. Unlike a visit to the local office supply store, where $1 per scan is the norm, Goldstone offers bulk scans of up to 1,000 pictures for $49.95 or unlimited scans for $99.95.

Here's how it works

*Sign up and pay for the service at

*A prepaid U.S. mail box gets sent to your home.

*Fill it with pictures. Goldstone recommends that the photos be organized by size (8-by-10s, 5-by-7s, etc.) and wrapped in aluminum foil or plastic wrap to keep them tidy. Send the box to

*The pictures are returned to your home in the same box, along with a DVD-ROM disc with digital versions of each image.

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