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Owners of Idaho Camera Share Retail Success Secrets
The Idaho Business Review (Boise, ID)

Pat: Its breathing is definitely labored. Digital is what everyone wants. Everything new is digital. Our emphasis is digital. If we still sold only film cameras, we'd be dead long ago. You have to embrace new technology.

How has the disappearance of film processing affected your business?

Dennis: It's been a significant change in our lab. We used to have hundreds of rolls coming in every day. Now, lab technology is shifted to digital. A way out for us has been processing digital images. Customer can upload their digital pictures to our Web site and pick up prints in the store.

Pat: We get customers from all over the world. People on vacation will upload photos to us.

The lab looks more like a computer business now. However, we're still doing film. I think we're the only ones doing slides and black-and-white film. We still have a lot of customers using film.

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